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Have a moment of reflection!

by Eric Shikobela
06 Jan 2018 at 06:41hrs | Views
Many people do not only cebrate the new year. But they strongly rejoice with the hope that a new year will bringfort new opportunities and blessings for them. This is a good feeling inspired by the beginning of every new year. The excitement, the wishes, the greetings, the hags, drinks, good food and music is the traditional way of excelarating this good feeling about the new year.

The truth of the matter is that a new year without a renewed mindset is as good as living in the old year. Beside the new year and the old year they are only distinguished by some seconds on the clock. So if you don't renew your mindset the very same results you obtained in things you were doing last year, will be the same or worse. No one in his or her good mind will use the same ingredients to cook a stew and expect it to taste differently. The same ingredients, the same outcome, that's common knowledge.

The new year has just started. And I strongly advise you to have some time off the excitement. And start facing the reality that comes with the possibilities of your life being the same or worse if you don't have a moment of reflection. You have to meditate on your life, how you did things last year, and how was your decision making on issues. By so doing your mentality and approach will change, then your mindset will eventually be renewed.

"The year is still brand new and birds are singing  praises to its splendor." Dreams and hopes are greatly possible. But only those who renewed their mindset will celebrate the end of it with victory in their hands. Change of mindset will change how one perceive things. As tradition demands, we have celebrated every second of this new year with panache. But know is time to fold our sleeves and work hard as success demands. Because a renewed mindset, faith and hardwork equals to great success. I love you all, Stay blessed!

Eric Shikobela is a minister at Holy Faith Family Church. His also a passionate motivational speaker, a business consultant, and an aspiring person with a political and social conscious. He has completed penning his first book titled: Invisible Victories. The book will be officially launched next month.

Source - Eric Shikobela