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Data bundles, hotspoting won't destroy my marriage: Mambo Dhuterere vows

by Gideon Madzikatidze/Simbarashe Sithole in Harare
11 Dec 2023 at 16:50hrs | Views
Gospel supremo, Mambo Dhuterere (real name, Darlington Mutseta) has once again trashed claims which were recently peddled on social media linking him to infidelity and gender-based violence vowing that not even data bundles or hotspotting would bring his marriage on the verge of collapsing.

Speaking during the St John Apostolic Church of the Whole World's annual gathering to mark end of year big Sunday which was attended by nearly 3000 congregants, the Dare Guru frontman (Mambo Dhuterere) claimed neither social media nor cyber-bullying will deter him from respecting, committing and value his marriage with the wife.

"I would like to set the record straight and tell you that, not even a single day did I beat my wife since we got married. That's trash which deserves to be denounced or condemned; and let me tell you that we also laugh at lies they peddle on social media," Dhuterere scoffs.

"Like some of you, we are also victims of social media falsehoods and that will not stop us from rising against such ills despite their unfounded claims. Not even data bundles, hotspoting or any social media hype will deter us from rebuking criminals,"

"You hear the lies that we divorced with my wife and she has since left for Botswana which is totally disgusting and far away from the truth. Now look (holding his wife's shoulder) who is by my side right now waiting to praise and worship through music?," Dhuterere added.

"Our music is crafted in a way that expose socio-cultural immorality, abuses and realities which exist in societies, and those perpetrators of such crimes would try to fight back through spreading falsehoods on social media. However, we don't have energy to entertain them, but denouncing them timeously because we are voice of the voiceless," Mambo Dhuterere said.

Mambo Dhuterere (the Ambassador) further denounce all those perpetrators of gender-based violence and appealed to law enforcement agencies to bring all culprits to book for communities to realise a crime free society. He also expressed gratitude for the perennial support from his church (leadership and congregants he fellowship with), fans and the general populace who stood for the truth (with him) all time.

After clearing the air on social media falsehoods, Mambo Dhuterere and his wife (Mai Dhuterere) recited some of their songs from current and previous albums which denounce gender-based violence and socio-cultural immortality while promising to preach the gospel of salvation and repentance through music timeously.

Source - Byo24News