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Chaos in ACCZ, as dismissed clergymen resist Ndanga's unconstitutional authority

by Ndou Paul in Zvishavane
07 Feb 2024 at 08:01hrs | Views
In yet another dismal performance episode and absolute testimony of failure, the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe's few remaining bishops have resisted dismissal by its former leader, Arch-bishop Johannes Nyamwa Ndanga, citing his unconstitutional interference within the affairs of the monumental indigenous church grouping regardless of him (Ndanga) tendered resignation prior to the 2023 national general elections.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with this publication after a meeting in Zvishavane last week, members of the Zunguzira faction disclosed that by the virtue of him publicly announcing that he had resigned and disassociate himself from ACCZ affairs, Ndanga's authority subsequently dissolved according to the organisation's constitution.

"We rescued the organisation from financial (debt-induced) comatose while he resigns from the once famous organisation," the splinter group's interim spokesman said.

"What we have witnessed was that, Ndanga technically deceived bishops and left the organisaion in the hands of caretakers while pretending to empower the organisation to independently elect those two supreme leaders as substantive heads of our clergymen grouping," the interim spokesman said.

"Now that we are in post-election phase, Ndanga resurfaced and unconstitutionally made parallel appointments within the organisation he once left. He is trying to get back into his former position using unethical procedures," he added.

"We have reliable sources who disclosed that he failed to secure funding for the African Christian Council International (ACCI) after donors requested for proper registration documents in South Africa (of which he failed to produce authentic documentation), of which it was observed that one of his former lieutenants reported him to South African authorities of forgery, violation of intellectual property and copyrights," he added.

"Sensing danger and in an effort to evade multiple legal battles, Ndanga reverted back to ACCZ unconstitutionally where he convene illegal meetings with few bishops in his Donain residence. All those leaders who questioned his integrity, allegiance to constitutionalism and authority are forcibly shown exit door," the interim spokesman said.

Speaking during a fully packed media briefing in Harare before Zimbabwe's national elections, Ndanga disclosed that he was no longer the leader of ACCZ citing a number of international assignments.

"I am no longer focusing on Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) since I am now leading a continental organisational board, the African Christian Council International (ACCI) as its Grand President," Ndanga said then.

"The publics are therefore advised to seek for any assistance from elected and appointed leadership in the characters of Madzibaba Biggie Mutawu and Bishop Zunguzira as supreme leaders of ACCZ. I therefore wish them well in leading this local indigenous churches organisation and phenomenal success in ascendancy to power," he said then.

Meanwhile, the past week has shown several meetings held in Bulawayo, Zvishavane and Harare as church leaders were summoned by their respective splinter group leaders.

Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe has since time immemorial suffered setbacks ranging from succession disputes, multiple legal battles, constitutionalism deficiency, corruption, political interference and embezzlement of funds  mainly initiated by Arch-bishop Johannes Nyamwa Ndanga.

After sensing that his relationship with the Second Republic was gradually thawing, Ndanga convened in a meeting with his former top leadership last year where he tendered his resignation during a gathering where he expressed his commitment to focus on African Christian Council International (ACCI) affairs and surrender everything to do with Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe in the hands of one Madzibaba Biggie Mutawu and Zunguzira as substantive leaders, who were responsible to foot all heavy debts that the organisation has been owing, craft a comprehensive organisational rescue plan and clear the organisation's name which had fallen into disrepute both in political, economic, social and religious circles.

Source - Byo24News