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South Africa's Ndzundza Kingship lauds indigenous churches

by Gideon Madzikatidze in Mpumalanga, South Africa
05 Jun 2024 at 02:26hrs | Views
Several Chiefs from Ndzundza Kingship under King Mabhoko III have over the weekend lauded Saint John Apostolic Church of the Whole World's commitment towards transforming communities through encouraging its membership to work closely with traditional leadership of every country that they operate in.

Speaking during a well attended prayer convention in Emalahleni (Witbank in Mpumalanga, South Africa), one of the elders representative from Ndzundza Mabhoko Traditional Council applauded relations between several Chiefs and Bishop Dr Sydney Mabhiza, who is the leader of St John Apostolic Church of the Whole World and also President of Federation for Indigenous Churches of Zimbabwe (FICZ).

"We really appreciate your commitment towards transforming our several communities Ntate (referring to Dr Sydney Mabhiza) and your church is the first ever from other countries to express its support to work with traditional leadership of where they operate in," the representative said.

"Bayethe King Mabhoko III has expressed his commitment to empower your church through making sure that you own land for continuing to build churches around his kingdom," he added.

"Your church has been commended for contributing towards peace-building, unity and development amongst communities throughout Africa and it is King Mabhoko III's wish that he extended his invitation to you and some leaders from your church to attend one of our major event in December this year," the representative added.

"The King has also appealed for your timeous support for his people and other indigenous churches in preservation of peace, heritage and cultural norms/values," he said.

The Chiefs delegation from King Mabhoko III also appealed to FICZ President to help in the fight against other local indigenous churches which are reportedly involved in adultery, fornication, insubordination and cause division amongst communities, claiming it is the churches' duties for preaching peace, love, unity and sustainable development.

Meanwhile, Bishop Mabhiza has warned some of those churches which are not submitting to traditional leadership of every country that it is a sign of disrespecting some moral values and norms which is violation of laws as prescribed by some countries national constitutions.

"We preach and pray against immorality and all other social ills which have affected several nationalities in Africa. We declare zero tolerance to abuse of women and other vulnerable members of communities," Bishop Mabhiza said.

"It is the duty of every church to respect traditional leadership of wherever they operate in," Bishop Mabhiza added.

"We encourage peace, sustainable development, love and unity amongst communities. We also really appreciate and accept the need for churches to work or operate within the confines and dictates of prescribed laws and regulations of every country as enshrined in their respective national constitutions," Bishop Mabhiza further remarks.

The St John Apostolic Church of the Whole World has been rolling out several sustainable projects and charitable works amongst communities in Africa especially rural areas which constitute bulky of less priviledged and vulnerable people.

The church has been on several occasions donate blankets, food hampers, farming equipment, sanitary ware, clothes (including uniforms), school fees, among other necessities throughout Africa.

Source - Gideon Madzikatidze in Mpumalanga, South Africa