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Outrage as pastor blasts female congregants for wearing 'satanic' miniskirts

by Staff Reporter
06 Nov 2014 at 18:30hrs | Views
A pastor with a Pentecostal church in Hwange last Sunday reportedly sparked outrage among his congregants when he allegedly blasted female congregants for coming to church wearing mini skirts and revealing dresses saying anything that exposes private parts of the human body is Satanic.

Female congregants reportedly reacted angrily, claiming the pastor's fury portrayed them as sexually promiscuous.

They complained that there was nothing wrong in wearing mini skirts when going to church as long as they followed Christian principles of good morals and faith.

He reportedly said: "One can wear what one wants, but when coming to church , women you are expected not to wear mini skirts or revealing dresses as they provoke other worshippers especially men. I am not worried about men's dressing because normally they are not the object of attraction but they are the ones who are being provoked.

"That is the reason why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah after having been incensed by the levels of immorality in that land and we do not want the same to happen in our church through your sexually suggestive dressing. We want people to put attires that reflect sanity and morality in the church," the pastor was quoted by the source as having said.

The pastor's controversial sentiments come just weeks after some women took to the streets of Harare to demonstrate and voice their concerns against touts who harass women in miniskirts, especially at commuter omnibus ranks. 

Source - B-Metro