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Uebert Angel returning to Africa

by Staff Reporter
02 Nov 2016 at 21:39hrs | Views
It is rumored that the ever popular and wealthy Uebert Angel is coming back to stay in Africa. Whilst news of his return has many of his millions of fans ecstatic, his detractors are not so pleased with many of them shaking in fear. A number of preachers are worried that Uebert Angel will bring an uncontrollable wave of revival within the Prophetic movement. He is known to have pioneered the PROPHETIC in the larger parts of Africa and leads the Morden day PROPHETIC revival that's sweeping the globe.

But who is this Uebert Angel that millions across the globe beg for an opportunity to stand on the same ground with him, while many would do anything to receive a prayer or just attention from the highly esteemed yet humble 'Good News Man' as he is popularly now known, the Zimbabwean born British- national expectedly has his share of enemies.

Born in Zimbabwe is a Southern African country currently known for its riches to rags narrative. The country came from a stable and strong currency, went thought hyper-inflation and now has no currency of its own due to various socio-economic challenges. There is a lot of negative publicity over the nation of Zimbabwe, and many would not imagine anything good coming out of the country.

Out of the seemingly shattered Zimbabwe came a charismatic preacher and teacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ who rubs shoulders with the elite and the Hollywood who is who. This man now known as The Good News Man, Uebert Angel is viewed as one of the front runners in the establishment of the Prophetic movement and a mogul in business with a business acumen that attracted the attention of Forbes and BBC to mention just but a few.

Uebert Angel is not only a verified and certified Christian, but has proven to be a powerful business man with a strong business acumen that leaves many envious and challenged as he steadfastly conquers the business world.

The United Kingdom is currently celebrating the birth of Atom mobile, a mobile phone network that is owned by Uebert Angel and his group. This is a huge achievement that has left his critics and many a naysayer with egg on their face as they had wished for his downfall.

Atom mobile is only a tip of the Angel success iceberg. The Good News Man partnered by his intelligent and powerful wife, Bebe Angel, has established Sam Berkeley construction that is engaged in construction projects across the globe is another multi-million dollar in the Angel wealth arsenal. Sam Berkley creates employment opportunities for people across the global and also promotes sustainable practices in the construction industry, something that many players have disregarded.

Uebert Angel's success has attracted many friends, enemies as well as extorters trying their luck in the Angel family's pool of wealth. Some have levelled accusations on Uebert Angel, others have made up rumours against him whilst others are creating fake facebooks pages, twitter pages and some even going to the extend of creating screenshots that no party has ever openly taken ownership of, in a bid to try and soil Angel's name or break up the power couple for reasons best known to them.

However, it is of note that not only has The Good News Man passed that level of persecution. He forgives all those that persecute him, and does not relent from being a bearer of Good News to many nations.

It is amazing how Uebert and Bebe Angel handle controversy with grace, they don't comment and are not deterred from being an example of what the power of God can do in and with humanity as they grow stronger than ever and keep reaching new levels of success.

Bebe Angel is days away from launching Brits bank, a bank that has its headquarters in the United States of America, registered and insured under Federal laws of the United States, and insured by the FDIC, an achievement that most Africans would only dream of.

Bebe Angel is a powerful woman of God who has inspired many women, and young girls. The couple has business interests in high value lingerie brands with A class Hollywood brand ambassadors, philanthropy work, books, Ferraris, Lamborghinis and other trappings that are synonymous with wealth. In all their wealth, busy schedules and all they still have time to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ and even train other ministers and an army of Good News bearers. Many powerful preachers and business persons have come through the grooming and influence of Uebert Angel such as the young sensation Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, Prophet Hara and many more.

The saying goes you can never keep a good man down, in this case you can never keep the Good News Man down. Africa, be ready because the Angel returns with a bang. Zimbabwe and Southern Africa must be proud and celebrate one of their own doing well beyond the borders of Africa.

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