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Message of condolences to the Passing away of the seven(7) Wits University Students on 01 May 2016

03 May 2016 at 18:22hrs | Views
Date :03 May 2016
Life is a cycle which starts with birth and ends with death. On this occasion of death of our friends ,the young graduates and future leaders of our cherished realm, We are engulfed with a sorrowful heart to be a part in the sad moments of the families of Late students.

It is said, "Old go to death but the death comes to the young". It is a fact which is most troublesome and we all have to bear the pain of the irreparable loss which is created by the word - death.

The nature has been playing its game since the birth of the first human being and in all the stages of life—birth and death are the most important factors. Even the languages are not left untouched to this phenomenon which may be by chance got into language but have been a proof of the simple steps of life. Alphabet 'B' comes before alphabet 'D'. I say that 'B' stands for 'Birth' and alphabet 'D' stands for 'Death'. The reality of this mortal world; is proved by the rich and global language–English–also. It is birth which is followed by death.

Holy Quran say, "Kullo nafsun zaekatul maut" meaning 'Everything which takes birth in this world, has to taste the pinch of death one day', which is a natural fact. In Hinduism it is said that we all are the 'Ansh' of the Almighty and it is only after the process of death that the smaller 'Ansh' i.e. we, travel to join our bigger portion i.e. Almighty. Thus we should calmly bow to His judgment and final discussion, which is inevitable.

It is our humble prayer for the departed souls. We also pray for the families who has witnessed the irreparable loss which has been caused by tragic death of our beloved brothers and sisters.

World without God is Zero without One!

May their Souls rest in Peace!

Source - Madiba Youth Organisation
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