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Daily Divinity Questions and Answers with Witness Dingani

01 Dec 2016 at 16:55hrs | Views
"Hosea and Gomer divorced because of so many problems" Discuss the causes and effects of divorce in Zimbabwean context ? (25)

•The above question demands one to discuss the causes and effects of divorce in Zimbabwean Context. It is prudent to note that the key reference of this question is the prophet Hosea ,who was commissioned to marry harlot Gomer .The prophet used his lifestyle to deliver the message ,it is a belief among biblical students that Hosea was showing the relationship between Yahweh (God) and the Israelites. In Chapter 2 the prophet divorced Gomer due to so many problems which will be highlighted on this ongoing work. In Zimbabwean context, it has been recorded by media that number of so many partners have divorced because of the several problems. Divorces have negative results ,this include spread of STIs and the children will be affected.

•Hosea and Gomer divorced perhaps because of unfaithfulness of Gomer .Gomer was a harlot when Hosea the prophet married her ,Hosea thought that Gomer was going to repent ,unfortunately she failed .She continued with her lewdness. This is evidenced in Chapter 2:5 For she said, 'I will go after my lovers, who give me my bread and my water, my wool and my flax, my oil and my drink.' As a result ,they divorced. All this indicate that Hosea divorced Gomer because of her unfaithfulness.

•Media has recorded various issues concerning the marriages.Sunday News and records such stories on daily basis .It has been recorded that number of so many partners divorces because of unfaithfulness of their partners . The story of Tafadzwa and Macheso is known by so many people Newspaper on 31st of October 2016 at 07:13 published a certain story which was headlined "Nust Student sneaks for sex with neighbor's wife" as a result the relationship is very sour now .It has been also recorded that a man was dirvorced by the legal wife after was suspected to be having an affair with a maid.The victim even wrote on Star FM during the show of Auntie Rhoda and Sekuru Nyathi looking for new woman to marry.All this indicates that dirvoces in Zimbabwean context, there are caused by unfaithfulness of the partners .

•It is also believed that ,partners divorce because of infertility .In Zimbabwean context especially in the Ndebele and Shona cultures ,it is a belief that whenever one of the partners is infertile drastic measures will be done ,in some point even the divorce is encouraged. The similar story was published by Sis Noe a certain post from a certain a lady in Zimbabwe submitted that she was looking for a serious husband after the aunts of her former husband had chased her away because of being infertile .Aunts oppressed the daughter in law (verbal war). Traditionalists in Zimbabwean society they advertise themselves as they will be assisting the men who are infertile ,as a way of saving the relationship .All this indicates that infertility causes divorces in Zimbabwean context.

•Unsatisfactory is one of major causes of divorces in Zimbabwean context. Media has recorded the increase of night clubs where men march during the night, perhaps the origin of this will be lack of satisfaction at homes.The good example was recorded by , the Private Lounge of Bulawayo and several night clubs in Victoria Falls .records that there is lot of activity ,some they claim that they spend more than two days as they will be well satisfied than in their original homes . All this leads to divorces ,hence showing that unsatisfactory causes divorces .


•The divorces in Zimbabwean context ,have got negative results .For instance Loneliness. . In Zimbabwean context it is recorded that man experience loneliness especially when marriage issues are concerned. Victoria Falls is good example. In 2003-2009 ,prostitution was on its peak. As a result ,the statistics proved that there were more divorces than engagements. To some point men being divorced by their wife .The divorced being left at home as maids ,as result this indicates that divorces have got negative results.

• Prostitution can be a result of divorce especially when man divorces the woman .In some cases women will be left with no choice but to embark on prostitution as they will be trying to earn a living ,Hence ,leading to the prostitution at the same time the spread of STIs .All this indicates the effects of divorces

-loss of integrity



"Where there is no vision people ,perish" King Solomon

Source - Witness Dingani
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