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Daily Divinity Questions and Answers with Witness Dingani

20 Jan 2017 at 06:54hrs | Views
Compare and contrast Jesus's methods of dealing with demons to how Zimbabweans address similar problems? (25)


COMMENT OVERVIEW - The above question requires one to have deep knowledge on the methods which were used by Jesus to deal with demons .The four gospel can be used to extract the information which can be relevant in answering The above question. It should be noted that Jesus used various methods in dealing with demons ,for instance touching, command, violence to mention but few .In Zimbabwean context,Zimbabweans deal with demons in various ways this include touch, command and transferring "kurasirira" / "ukulahlisa" .It will be loss of memory if one ignore the view that the above question was submitted to the author by Mr Siameka from Hwange.

ANSWERS - Jesus used various methods in dealing with demons ,one notable example is the transferring demons from a person to pigs, It is recorded that a man who claimed to be Legion according to Mark ,was freed .It should be noted that Jesus had to transfer Legion's demons to the pigs .Some scholars like Dr Thomas Constable believe that the reason why Jesus transferred the demons to the pigs perhaps the shepherds were sinners.The point which should be noted is that Jesus dealt with demons by transferring them to the pigs ,it is recorded in Mark 5:13ff .In Zimbabwean context, it is recorded that different people deal with demons by transferring them to anything .In Ndebele and Shona religion ,the demons can be transferred to the domesticated animals which will be later killed .This method is called "ukulahlisa" in Ndebele whereas in Shona langauge it is called "kurasirira".Therefore, this indicates that there are similarities between Jesus and Zimbabwean when dealing with demons is concerned.

 - Jesus expelled demons by the command , in some point when the disciples had failed to deal with the epileptic boy ,Jesus had to cast out the demon through the command as a result the demon disappeared ,this is recorded in Mark 9:25 And when Jesus saw that a crowd came running together, he rebuked the unclean spirit, saying to it, "You dumb and deaf spirit, I command you, come out of him, and never enter him again." All this demonstrate how Jesus Christ dealt with demons .In Zimbabwean context it is recorded that number of so many prophetslike W.Magaya,Eubert Angel and Emmanuel Makandiwa command demons .This can be well supported by their TV stations which broadcast them during their live sessions as a result the demons separated from the possessed after a command .Yadah TV has even recorded W.Magaya saying "Come out ,You Marine Spirit" .Therefore, this indicates that Zimbabweans deal with demons by the command just like Jesus Christ, hence there are similarities basing on the above information.

 - Jesus dealt with demons by touch ,this is evidenced when Jesus healed a single leper in Mathew 8:3 .According to Constable page 147 ,leper was a disease which was associated with ritual uncleanliness .Pentecost The Words page 148 submitted that "leprosy is viewed in the Old Testament not so much as a type of a sin as of the uncleanness and separation that sin produces" .The argument is that Jesus dealt with demon even though some scholars doubt that leprosy was a demon .In Zimbabwean context, it has been recorded that the like demon Fordrick Fordrick "the Apple Prophet",Freddy the Spectacle prophet and Prophet Mish deal with demons by touching the possessed .All this, indicates that there are similarities between Jesus methods in dealing with demons and that of the above named Zimbabwean prophets .

HOWEVER PART - In as much as there are similarities between Jesus and Zimbabweans in dealing with demons, it will be miscarriage of justice if one ignore the minor differences .In Zimbabwean context, it is recorded that Zimbabwean prophets sometimes uses anointed materials to deal with demons .W Magaya has been broadcasted by Yadah TV to have been using anointed oil,bangles, water, chairs, voice and stickers to deal with different demons which even testify during the church service .Fordrick "the Apple Prophet","Major Provovo man of style" can be added as the examples .It is not recorded among the four gospels that Jesus once used the anointed materials for exorcism ,hence proving that there are differences between Jesus and Zimbabweans when dealing with demons is concerned.

N.B More examples can be added .This include
~use of TV screens

Compare and Contrast

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