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Daily Divinity Questions and Answers with Witness Dingani

03 Mar 2017 at 11:17hrs | Views
QN "Zimbabwean prophets focus more on performing miracles than any other prophetic duties " Examine this view ?(25)

•The above question requires one to justify the validity of the above statement .The statement was coined after a closely studying the Zimbabwean prophets .The ministry of Zimbabwean prophets is overcrowded by so many miracles ,this cannot be denied .Number of so many prophets have been recorded by media to have performed different miracles ,this include the following prophets
a)    The Apple Prophet  "Fordrick Fordrick"
b)    The Spectacle Prophet "Freddy"
c)    Ezekiel Guti
d)    Major Provovo man of style "Uebert Angel"
e)    W .Magaya
f)    Passion Java
g)    Zviratidzo Zvevapostori sects
h)    Wutuanashe Andrew
i)    Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa
j)    Prophetess Beverly Angel

•Perfoming miracles cannot be separated from the ministries of Zimbabwean prophets .Zimbabwean prophets perform healing and nature miracles ,this is true in the case of W .Magaya ,W Magaya has performed so many miracles ,he once hosted the service of miracles ,during this service lot of people were healed ,this was even published by Nehanda Radio Newspaper on the 16th of May 2016 "Magaya hosts miracle night Prophetic Healing and Deliverance founder Prophet Walter Magaya will today host a "miracle night" at his church in Waterfalls, Harare, where thousands of people are expected to attend" During the service some claimed to have been healed after being anointed by the man of cloth. As such this indicates that Zimbabwean prophets perform miracles.

•In November 2012 ,Makandiwa performed a miracle which shocked the country.Chitugwiza woman delivered a baby in space of hours after meeting the man of God. The story was even published by the local papers ,some labelling the prophet as an unauthentic prophet " Makandiwa was praying for female congregates whose pregnancies had complications, he then declared that there was to be a miracle pregnancy which was to be delivered within a space of hours" This is an enough evidence which proves to us that Zimbabwean prophets perform miracles .

•The controversial man "Paul Sanyangore" who is pastor ,has performed number of miracles ,this include walking on water .On the 16 March the media recorded that the controversial man walked on water after his friends invited him for a swim in Glen Lorne, in an interview he submitted that the reason why he performs miracles is to boost the faith ,he said "This miracles are done to boost people's faith so that it's easy for them to accept the word. The fact that it cannot be done in front of many people is because they are not ready to accept such miracles. Criticism has always been there and it will always be there. "Therefore, this indicates that Zimbabwean prophets perform miracles .

•Uebert Angel performed money miracles ,the miracle was even discussed with Gideon Gono [according to ZBC 4th February 2013].The Apple prophet "Fodrick" is well known of performing miracles using an apple .The Spectacle Prophet "Freddy" has been recorded by media to have been performing miracles. Thabiso Ngwenya of Pumula in Bulawayo is well known of performing miracles through "bombing" All this justify the view that Zimbabwean prophets perform miracles .

•In as much as Zimbabwean prophets perform miracles ,it will be a misnomer to totally ignore the view that Zimbabwean prophets perform other duties .For instance fighting for worshiping of one God, it is documented by number of authors that Zimbabwean prophets fights for worshipping of one God, Isabel Mukonyora citing Dillon, says Masowe during his days had tendency of destroying "mishonga" and burning the fetishes.Makandiwa recorded by Christ Tv undated, discouraged his church to partake in evil practices. Magaya recorded by Newsday newspaper and in 14 February 2015 , he condemned the use of water as a way of exorcism by the white church garment which is led by Johannes Ndanga as evilness and encouraging them to change, this is further supported by his book entitled "The marine spirit"(the point in this case is that Magaya fights for worshipping of one God).All this indicates that Zimbabwean prophets do not totally focus on performing miracles only.

•Zimbabwean prophets predict the future events, IN Zimbabwean context, For instance, Bulawayo well known prophet predicted about the status of Zimbabwe in his 2016 prophecies (prophecy number 2 of Chiza says Zimbabwean dollar will be re-introduced ).Makandiwa in his article Volume 11 undated prophesied about the next coming big prophet, he says ("…..I see another man of God coming in Zimbabwe…but the time he comes I will be an old man….". He went on to say "I see another city coming"). Daily News newspaper on 28 April 2016 published that Makandiwa had predicted the Zambian Xenophobia attacks.All this indicates that Zimbabwean prophets do not totally focus on performing miracles .

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•Examine the validity of the statement .

Witness Dingani is the Author| Columnist|Youth Coach|Radio Host| Cricketer .He is the founder of charity organization "Dingani Charity Organization" .In 2016 he was nominated as the most influential youthful figures in Zimbabwe and being voted on the 8th position out of 15 people by the Pan-Zimbabwe society.In 2017 ,Witness Dingani co-authored the new book of Lower 6 ,entitled "Understanding Family and Religious Studies".Questions by schools can be submitted through his mobile number +2363777896159 or Email address : .Readers can follow the Questions and Answers on Sunday News Newspaper every week.

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Source - Daily Divinity Questions and Answers with Witness Dingani
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