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POEM: When I lived

18 Mar 2017 at 07:03hrs | Views
When I Lived

The girls where all over me

Other men could not get over it

My friends were mad with envy.

My mother knew nothing of it

In me she saw a potential pastor

I stood up to that act!

So every Sunday to church I went

And there I spied on the cute ones

To pass a note during greeting time

And pounce on them at the end of it all.

It bothered me not that I was mortal

For then all that mattered was a good time

And the thrill of being the undefeated

I and my friends would on girls bet

I enjoyed the fame I had attained

I always saw myself as accomplished

Until when the star began to dim

And my knees could not keep me up

My friends melted away like ice

And the girls did not even look at me

It was as if they had read my life in a book

And learnt that it's not all that glitters that's gold!

Lo! I killed my mother!

When she heard the news, she collapsed

The doctors said she did not survive the conniption.

I shrank and started to drink

I was lonely and my world was bleak

I missed the chatter of my fans

Then one cold early morning

I saw a darkness come to my eyes

And then felt my waif-like body quiver

That is all I can remember

For then my diseased brain shut down

Source - Carlo-Marcel Dube
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