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Daily Divinity Questions And Answers With Witness Dingani

05 Apr 2017 at 09:13hrs | Views
QN Why was idolatry such significant problem in Israel and what did the prophets say and do about it in reference to both Israel and Zimbabwean prophets? (25)

 - The above question requires one to first point out the effects of idolatry in Israel and the reaction of the prophets due to the practice of idolatry .
In Israel they were so many prophets who dealt with idolatry, the ideal originated with Moses and it was perpetuated by other prophets .The question demands us to concentrate in Israel ,remember during the exodus ,Israel was not yet a historical nation ,hence we have to ignore Moses. In this work the author will include Moses, the reason being that I want you learn something.
 - The writer will focus on the following prophets
a) Elijah
b) Samuel
c) Man of God
d) Amos
e) Hosea
f) Isaiah
g) Jeremiah
The above question was submitted by Chitungwiza Herantals Divinity Students under the subject teacher Mr Shekede.

 - Idolatry was a problem in Israel because it had negative effect to the Israelites, in other words it was more of a curse than a blessing because
a) It led to the persecutions of true prophets .1st Kings 19:10
b) Punishment .The Israelites experienced punishment from Yahweh because of idolatry
c) Religious disorder .Jezebel destroyed the alters of Yahweh ,this is recorded in 1st Kings 19:10.
d) Social evils such as bribery, stealing ,swearing and e.t.c .Hosea 4:2


 - Israelites started to practice idolatry during the exodus event ,this cannot be denied .This is evidenced in Exodus 32:15,as they made the golden calf .During this period Israelites were under the hands of Moses. Moses condemned this idea as it was violating the Mosaic covenant [Ten commandments]. The response of Moses was to challenge the Israelites at the same time destroying the golden calf ,this is evidenced in Exodus 32:20 .In Zimbabwean context ,Zimbabwean prophets have greatly dealt with issue of idolatry ,for instance the Zimbabwean authors and authoress the likes of Isabel Mukonyora, Kudzai Biri,Gunda ,Dillon etal,they submitted that Johane Masowe was commissioned to be the messenger of all Africans destroying "mishonga" and fetishes since evil practice was on its peak ,as a result he managed to deal with such practices, he went on to cross the border to surrounding African countries ,the theme of his gospel was in dealing with witchcraft.The clash between Magaya and white garments church might be unknown,the media in early 2015 January recorded the incident. According to Daily News Newspaper "It is from these Orion and Leviathan spirits of the marine kingdom where false, non-Bible believing white garment churches (mapositori ekumasowe) are derived," Magaya said in his booklet.Readers can follow the following link for more information (…/01/22/magaya-blasts-vapositori ). It will be loss of memory if one ignore that the Vapostori also condemned Magaya for using ungodly spirits, this was also even published on our local newspapers .According to Newsday Newspaper in 2015 9 February "MAGAYA GETS HIS POWER FROM SNAKES: VAPOSITORI" "He [Magaya] has snakes that live in oil. The same oils are given to people as anointing oil. We want to destroy them. God has showed us," said one of the Vapositori, who refused to be named as the issue was still being handled by Ndanga. Readers can follow the following link for more information (…/magaya-gets-power-snakes-vapos…/). What should be noted is that the above Church leaders were all trying to deal with issue of idolatry. Basing on the above discussion it is clear that both prophets of Israel and Zimbabwe dealt/deal with idolatry even though differently.

 - Elijah prophesied during the days of King Ahab who married Jezebel the women from Tyre ,she imported Baal prophets and the religion .Elijah being obedient to the Mosaic covenant, he challenged Baal as he called the Mt Carmel Contest. During the Mt Carmel as the hero of the hour he butchered Baal false prophets,this is recorded in 1st Kings 18:28-40.With above information it is clear how Elijah dealt with idolatry after condemning it .

 - Amos prophesied during the prosperous days of Israel, Amos condemned Israelites for injustice ,idolatry and immorality. In Israel everywhere there was activity, some of the Israelites worshipped their idol called star-god Kaiwan ,this is recorded in Amos 5:26 "…. You shall take up Sakkuth your king, and Kaiwan your star-god, your images, which you made for yourselves.."Amos as a prophet who was divinely inspired condemned the Israelites ,the bible is silent about how Amos dealt with this situation, what is mentioned is his condemnations perhaps, he eye opened Israel .

 - The prophet man of God might be unknown by some of us ,the prophet played a pivotal role in dealing with idolatry during the days of Jeroboam who used to reside in Bethel .[Read 1ST kings 13:1-15 to get more information ].Scholar Josephus named the prophet as Jadon even though the bible is silent about the original name ,Josephus submitted that they was a man of God from Judah who was called Jadon perhaps it was him .

a) For Isaiah read Isaiah 2:20
b) For Jeremiah read Jeremiah 7:9
c) For 1st Samuel 7:3

-Read the demands of the question.

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