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Daily Divinity Questions and Answers with Witness Dingani

11 Aug 2017 at 12:35hrs | Views
"Prediction of the future was not the main task of the old testament prophets" Examine this view.To what extent do Zimbabwean prophets
predict the future ? (25)

 - The term prophet has been defined by many scholars for instance J .Muleinburg defined the prophet as a covenant mediator whereas the uniform teaching bible I.S.B.E volume 4 page 2459 defined a prophet as a speaker of or for God. The old testament prophets performed number of many prophetic duties .It has been suggested that prediction of the future was the main task even though it has been also argued that the key focus of old testament prophets was not on the past or future but present.The old testament prophets includes ;
a)    Moses
b)    Samuel
c)    Nathan
d)    Gad
e)    Ahijah of Shiloah
f)    Elijah

N.B There are many prophets which can be added . It is prudent to note that the question is linked with Zimbabwean context, in Zimbabwe they are many prophets which have made headlines and some they are still making headlines. The Zimbabwean prophets includes;
a)    W.Magaya
b)    Miracle Paul
c)    Spectacle Prophet Freddy
d)    Apple Prophet "Fodrick Fodrick"
e)    Dr F.J.Moyo
f)    Prophet Sham
g)    Blessing Chiza

 - Israel prophets predicted the future Samuel predicted the future of Israel.He predicted the dangers of having a King, after Israelites had requested for a King ,this is recorded in 1st Samuel 8:4 .The predictions of Samuel are recorded in 1st Samuel 8:11, "These will be the ways of the king who will reign over you: he will take your sons and appoint them to his chariots and to be his horsemen, and to run before his chariots".[You can read the above verse using RSV ,to find out about more of his predictions].Some of the predictions came to pass during the reign of different kings in Israel. .Elijah predicted the death of Ahab as he said the dogs will lick your blood ,this is recorded in 1st Kings 21:24.Micaih Ben Imlah prophesied about the defeat of Israel ,perhaps, the death of Israel leaders "I see Israel scattered in mountain…" This came to pass during the Ramoth-Gilead battle as Ahab died ,and the dogs licked his blood .This is evidenced in 1st Kings 22:38.Jeremiah predicted the death of Hananiah after predicting that Israel will be exiled in Babylon will take 2 years ,this is evidenced in Jeremiah 28:15 and it came to pass in Jeremiah 28:17 All this indicates that Israel prophets predicted the future.

 - Israel prophets anointed kings .Samuel anointed the King Saul after the elders of Israel had requested for a king to lead them .Anointing a king was very important considering the reasons which the elders of Israel gave in 1st Samuel 8:4-15. Samuel further anointed David in replace of Saul because of violating various principles [Read 1st Samuel 13:10 ] .The above stories there are recorded in 1st Samuel 10:1 and 1st Samuel 16:16.The prophet Nathan with priest Zadok were involved in the anointment of Solomon ,this is evidenced in 1st Kings 1:28ff .The prophet Elijah was given task to anoint Jehu and Hazel ,this is recorded in 1st Kings 19:15-16.The son of a prophet under Elisha is reported to have anointed Jehu in replace of Ahaziah ,this is recorded in 2 kings 9:4ff.All this indicates that Israel prophets were also involved in other important prophetic duties.

 - Israel prophets fought for worshipping of one God, Israel prophets played a crucial role in keeping the spirit of Yahweh alive in Israel as they advocated for worshiping of one God.This includes Samuel as it is recorded in 1st Samuel 7:4 .Elijah prophesied when Baalism was on its peak ,he played an important role of butchering the baal prophets ,this is recorded in 1st Kings 18:37-41.Amos also fought for worshiping of one God,this is recorded in Amos 5:26.Hence ,this indicates that Israel prophets also performed other important duties.

N.B There are many important roles which can be added.

 - Zimbabwean prophets predict the future ,this includes Wimbo .According to indicates that in 1957 ,Wimbo prophesied about Zimbabwe being led by a man with a name of the angel "Gabriel" and it came to pass [Readers can follow the following website for more information. ] .Daily News paper in April 28 2016 published headline that Makandiwa had prophesied about the Zambian Xenophobic attacks. Sunday News Newspaper on the 8th of January 2017 published the prophecies of Chiza were he claimed that he was speaking the word of the Lord "God is saying the church will be rich. I see a hand pushing money into the church." Pastor of Mugadza of Kariba should not be ignored who claimed that he spoke only what God told him to predict ,this was further recorded by New Zimbabwe online newspaper on the 12th of January 2017 "I would not want to force anyone to believe this but I am just saying it because this is what God told me, so it is up to the individuals to believe if it is going to happen or not," Mugadza further said.[Readers can follow the link for more information,+thus+says+God/news.aspx] .Dr F Moyo the leader of General Foundation Apostolic Church in Christ also predicts the weather patterns mostly towards the rain season so as to alert the church members to prepare farming. Hence,this indicates that Zimbabwean prophets predicts the future.

 - Zimbabwean prophets perform healing and nature miracles ,this is true in the case of W .Magaya ,W Magaya has performed many miracles ,he once hosted the service of miracles ,during this service many people were healed ,this was even published by Nehanda Radio Newspaper on the 16th of May 2016 "Magaya hosts miracle night" ,"Prophetic Healing and Deliverance founder Prophet Walter Magaya will today host a "miracle night" at his church in Waterfalls, Harare, where thousands of people are expected to attend" During the service some claimed to have been healed after being anointed by the man of cloth.In November 2012 ,Makandiwa performed a miracle which shocked the country.Chitugwiza woman delivered a baby in space of hours after meeting the man of God. The story was even published by the local papers ,some labelling the prophet as an unauthentic prophet " Makandiwa was praying for female congregates whose pregnancies had complications, he then declared that there was to be a miracle pregnancy which was to be delivered within a space of hours".This indicates that Zimbabwean prophets also perform other duties.

 - The controversial man "Paul Sanyangore" who is pastor ,has performed number of miracles ,this include walking on water .On the 16 March the media recorded that the controversial man walked on water after his friends invited him for a swim in Glen Lorne, in an interview he submitted that the reason why he performs miracles is to boost the faith ,he said "This miracles are done to boost people's faith so that it's easy for them to accept the word. The fact that it cannot be done in front of many people is because they are not ready to accept such miracles. Criticism has always been there and it will always be there" Therefore, this indicates that Zimbabwean prophets perform miracles .

N.B More roles can be added

The above essay indicates that in as much as prediction of the future was the task of ,there were other prophetic duties which were the main tasks because of inclusion of other duties.The author also showed the extent on which Zimbabwean prophets predict the future.

The article was authored by Witness Dingani on the 10th of August 2017.Questions by schools to be answered on Newspaper can be submitted through my mobile number +263777896159 or Email address : .Readers of the Daily Old Testament Questions and Answers by Witness Dingani can follow the Questions and Answers on Sunday News Newspaper every week and Online Newspaper every day. For more readership like Facebook page "Witness Dingani".

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Source - Witness Dingani
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