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Muzungu's assets (poem)

16 Sep 2017 at 06:53hrs | Views
Swallowed by the big bird
Or shall I call it huge floating fish
A new and strange sight;
A big river with no banks
The thought of freedom,  a closed chapter
New food
New faces
New treatment
New lifestyle
New heavy jewelry;
On necks, hands and legs
A limb to move, a rattle to follow

Sunlight a dream,
Only rays through the dents are real
Some souls got tired,
Ran away from the flesh
Oww a lovely dinner for the hungry sharks
Sickness or physical weakness
The tooth of the aquatic beasts,
Would send you to the next realm

As if it's not enough
Failure to understand
Failure to comply
Failure to construe
They all had one answer:
The camaraderie of the skin and the whip,
Fine motor force being the middle man

Our sisters lost their pride and dignity,
To some heartless toubab
On the other side of the soiled earth;
They touched it with brown babies,
In or out of them already
The babies estranged by their fathers

The journey was over,
My hope,
'freedom will heed my call and visit me'
Oops, it's like a fish hoping to fly in the sky
We were all one thing, less human;
Muzungu's assets, Wilberforce being the messiah

Source - Tsautsau Poseidon
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