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On our way to the river...

15 Oct 2018 at 10:44hrs | Views
There was so much excitement amongst the students as I told them we were going all the way to the river to do our training session there. The boys sang, whistled, shouted and made some slogans as we went towards the river for our soccer practise session.

"Look teacher, lowana ngumuzi wakoMdue (that is Mdue's home).", shouted some of the students as we passed some homes along the way. A few minutes later I started teaching the pupils some of the concepts we had covered that term and a few topics we were yet to do. Since we were out of the school premises, it was easy for me to explain some of the concepts.

I spoke about Soil Erosion, its causes, effects and how to prevent it as I showed the students some land which had been affected by soil erosion. I quizzed the pupils about what are herbivores, carnivores, omnivores and scarvengers as we spotted some of these animals along the way.

I spoke about "weathering" as I explained what causes types of soil (sand, clay, loam) to be different from another type of soil. I can't remember everything I explained as we went along.

However I remember very well that only a few students were paying attention. The students who were walking side-by-side with me listened attentively to everything I said. They were asking and answering questions regarding what I was teaching them along the way. They had an opportunity to see some of the things practicaly. Unfortunately the majority of the pupils were too excited and didnt care about what I was teaching along the way. They were just excited about what they would do in the river (which had no water). They were talking about the difficulties of playing or practising on the river sand. They argued about which team would score more goals in the river. Shame! They missed it.

What I was teaching along the way was much more valuable than what they were going to benefit in the river. Vanity of vanities says GwiziTheMotivator Playing was good, but given that none of them became professional footballers, the lessons which I gave along the way were of much greater value than the pleasure of playing in the river. Most of the times we are just excited about where our lives are going so much that we forget to enjoy and benefit from the experiences we encounter along the journey. Sometimes the journey is more enriching than the destiny.

As you pursue your dreams, as u aim for your destiny, benefit as much as u can from the experiences and lessons u will have as your pursue your vision. Most of the exciting lessons, growth and experience is found along the road. Yes! On your way to the river, enjoy, expore, learn and grow. Don't only wait to arrive there in order to shine. There is too much to gain and learn along the way. On the way to the river mtshana.......!!!


Source - Mthokozisi Gwizi
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