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5 important parts of a blog post

18 Mar 2019 at 19:02hrs | Views
Looking to start up a blog? Whether it be for personal reasons, to sell something, or promote your business, a blog is an excellent way to reach a wide audience. You can connect with your readers on a different level, and let them into a different part of your life.

Not every blog is successful though. Some work better than others. It all depends on what you put into the post. We came up with five important parts that you need to include in your next blog post.

Start With the Topic
Your topic is sometimes the hardest part of writing a blog post. Coming up with the idea that is engaging to the audience, yet something you enjoy writing about can be challenging. The reader will pick up on your tone if you're not invested in the topic.

Come up with a few ideas before you begin. Make notes about why these topics are relevant, and add points that you can elaborate on. If you struggle to go into detail about the subject, it may be a good idea to move on to the next one.

The Title and Opening Paragraph Mean Everything

How often do you read a full article? Chances are, you skim through it after reading the title and first few paragraphs. You're not alone. On average, only 20 percent of readers will likely read the entire article. That's not a lot.

Nailing your title and opening paragraph are crucial to the success of your blog post. You want to summarize what the post will be about in the opening paragraphs, without revealing all of your information. You want to hook them in, but not feed them everything, so there is no point in continuing on.

Visuals Add Something
Whether it be stock photos or something you took, adding visuals to your blog post will give it that extra push it needs to bring it to the top of a search list. A blog post needs high-quality photos. So, spend some time going through the available images that you can use, that relate to what the post is about.

Write for Your Audience
If your topic is casual and meant for young adults, you wouldn't want to write it in a way that a professor would instruct a logic class. The tone of the piece needs to fit the audience you're trying to address.

As you're coming up with topic ideas, also make a note of who the audience is for each idea. It should fit within the brand of your blog as well. That way, you know how to take your writing, and it will help you for advertisement purposes.

Don't Write Then Leave It
Just because you finished writing the post and uploaded it, that doesn't mean you can forget about it. A successful blog is one that interacts with its readers. It's imperative that you regularly check the post to see how it is performing, and if you have any comments to reply to.

Readers appreciate when the author takes time to read and respond to a comment. Even saying a thank you to a comment that praises the post will go a long way.

Source - Jeremy Biberdorf
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