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African soil, African seeds!

06 Sep 2019 at 09:04hrs | Views
African soil, African soil your fertile and blessed.

A good and blessed soil indeed!

But what is the goodness of the soil without a good seed?

There is none, the is no goodness at all.

We are seeds of Africa, we are people of Africa, and we are planted in a good soil.

It is no secret, that a good seed has power to produce good and sweet fruits, when planted on a good and fertile soil.

Africans, why have we decided to be bad seeds?

Why did we allow boarders, languages, flags, currencies and skin colour to define us?

To lie to us, and to separate us.

The truth is one and the truth never changes. And the truth is; we are children of the same soil, we are children of the same forefathers.

So why do we choose to hate instead of love?

Isn't love better than hate?

Why do we choose division instead of unity?

Isn't unity better than division?

So why do we choose war instead of peace?

Isn't peace better than war?

A good soil is crying, for the burden of pain and sorrow caused by the bad seed is too much to bear.

The blood of our brothers and sisters cries from the good soil.

Those we chased away left behind footprints of bad memories on the good soil.

The tears of those who lost their loved one's has fallen on a good soil.

The good soil can't bear bad things anymore, for its indeed a good soil.

We are fighting those who have the same struggles and wounds as we, for we are children of the same soil.

Our struggles and wounds are the same.

Our soil our home is too beautiful,? our soil our home is too wealthy.

But the goodness of our home has fallen to foreign hands, for we Africans are busy fighting each other. And they are busy taking over.

The wealth of our soil has fallen to wrong hands, for we Africans refuse to unite.

Let us all assist this good soil to heal, let Africa heal.

Let us remove the burden from its shoulders.

Let us convert from bad to good seeds, for we can.

Impossible doesn't exist were the is unity.

Suddenly I saw a rainbow, and the good soil was smiling at it.

For now good seeds were falling on it.

And good trees grew, and good fruits appeared.

Let the world stand-up and applaud for Africa will unite.

Source - Eric Shikobela
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