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19 Apr 2021 at 07:11hrs | Views
Zimbabwe independence is like the sun in the middle of winter. It struggles to come out of a heavy dark cloud. It is cold, yet it is hot. People yearn for its heat.

What is the meaning of independence when innocent tormented voices cry from shallow graves?

Voices from shallow graves

Quietly, our bones lie buried in those shallow graves.
But listen to our voices full of anguish,
louder than your guns that killed us.
We asked for our rights,
you accused us of treason!
We asked for accountability,
you accused us of undermining the authority of the Most High!
We advocated for democracy,
you accused us of being counter-revolutionary!
And death was our sentence.
You silenced us.
You think.

Your sword silenced the flesh!
but not the voices.
Your rule suppressed the morale!
but not the will.
From the shallow graves!
comes the will of our voices.
The will we had is the same will we have today!
Never shaken.
Never will be.

The will to be heard, in the lands far and beyond:
that you oppressed us.
that you abused our rights.
that you denied us justice.
that you tortured us.
that you shot us.
that you bayoneted us.
that you axed us.
that you burned and buried us alive.
that you denied us decent burial.
And above all, that the truth be known.

For as long as our bones are in those graves,
our voices shall remain high.
For as long as the truth is not told,
our spirits shall torment you.
For as long as your murderous hands are on the throat of the nation,
the thunder of our voices will continue shaking your throne until you fall.
The voices from shallow graves will continue fighting.

From Songs of My Soul
By Peter Muzira

Source - Peter Muzira
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