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POEM: Africa My Africa

26 May 2021 at 05:43hrs | Views
Africa, my Africa, land of natural splendor and natural glamour,
Where impish eagles whistle and dominate the skies while hawks screech and scream!
The fight for aerial territorial space is a given!

Africa, my Africa, land of glory and glamour,
Where Flamingos vocalize their joys and sorrows on the edges of  African Lakes,
While rivers meander and rumble in African forests,
Where a cackle of hyenas issue terrifying laughters of joy while a pride of Lions impulsively roar,
The fight for territorial space is a given!

Africa, my Africa, land of natural beauty and natural bliss,
Where black-bellied bustard birds call each other to party!
While spotted Cheetahs speed wantonly after their prey,
 As a dazzle of Zebras whinny in grand unison,
All in the midst of roaring thunder, lightning bolts and pitter-pattering rain,
Africa, my Africa you are irresistible!

Poem by Thembani Dube, okaBekithemba, uBekithemba kaSibhalwa, uSibhalwa kaNdabambi,uNdabambi kaTshotshoma, uTshotshoma kaLukhuni….uNtamoyendlondlo, iDube elimthende!

Source - Thembani Dube
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