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What l Learnt From Spain vs Morocco

07 Dec 2022 at 09:07hrs | Views
1. Don't Let Your Poor Strike force Undermine Your Resilient Defence.

Although Mocco eventually won the game, the strike force couldn't capitalise on the goal scoring chances which came begging.  Their victory was attributed to the team's resilient defending and fantastic goalkeeping.  In essence, they risked losing the match due to their poor strikers who couldn't compliment the outstanding defence.  Many times we do some outstanding defending throughout the match, only for our poor strikers to let us down. Outstanding (defensive) hard work at our workplace or business,  spoiled by a wrong attitude. Your magnificent skills, monumental work ethic and business acumen, dragged down by your poor communication skills etc.

Identify your poor strikers (weaknesses) and replace them, before they destroy all the superb work done by your defence!

Number 2: Maximise Your Dominance.

What's the point of dominating your opponent, just like Spain did, when you are not going to turn your dominant display into victory? There are many times when people become dominant but ineffective at their different endeavours. They become grumpy when they have been employed for decades without a promotion and a new staff member overtakes them within months of joining the company.  They become grumpy when they have been in the business for years with moderate success, and an innovative new entrepreneur next door, comes and takes all the customers. They become bitter when a new church member start to be actively involved in church activities, while they have been lying idle for years, only complaining and mourning about everything, 24/7. It's not about your dominance mshana, it's not about the number of years in that industry, it's about how much you have turned that long service into productive use.

If you relax too long on your arm chair with your glass of orange juice, someone with come and take your couch! If you take too long to take advantage of your ball possession, prepare to lose to Mocco on penalties!

Number 3: Wait Before You Dive!

Two of the penalties scored by Mocco, were shot straight at the goalkeeper, but the goalkeeper dived before the striker struck the ball. If only the goalkeeper had waited one more second before diving, the ball would have came straight to him! Pause before you dive. Think  before you act. Many regret the decision they prematurely made, proposals they accepted or rejected too early, the deals they cut off prematurely due to emotions, relationships they terminated before thinking things through. They never paused before diving.  What a sad scenario! Give yourself time to process things through. Pause before you dive mshana!
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Source - Mthokozisi Gwizi
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