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1ns and 2s with DJ-Sticha - Creating a fan-base

23 Dec 2015 at 08:08hrs | Views
As abantu we all start somewhere,even if given indlela eyodwa,we walk it differently.It doesn't matter uhambe njani all that matters yikuthi ufikile.Same thing nasemculweni,we use different methods of getting our work out there and apply different measures to get noticed.

Namhlanje asikhulume ngokuvuthisela abanye inkundla(curtain raiser)I've heard many musicians kubackstage bethi"ai mina angeke ngibe yicurtain raiser",ow well they have their reasons kodwa being an opening act is a great way of building your fan-base uma nje uyi unkown njengami,you may never know umsebenzi wakho uzowela ezindlebeni zikabani.My advice,bangene open for  everyone and make sure you deliver your best and steal the show,kwazi bani that might your big break to the mainstream industry.

Seems like the majority of artists are stuck in the position of being OPENING ACTS/CURTAIN RAISERS for main artists.
What does it take for an "opening act" to ultimately become a main artist?
Common sense would say
1. Hard work and dedication
2. Taking risks
3. Connections
4. Unfair advantages
5. Bribes etc
Amongst these factors,what contributes more?,mina nje I think doing izinto your own way is a better start,learn from others uthathe lokhu nalokhuya kodwa at the end of the day be different and stand out from the rest.

Creating a fan-base

As great as your demo or mix-tape may be,you're going need to work hard to create a fan-base. Building a buzz around you locally can really help open a few doors.If you're creating a buzz, someone will come and find you.How you do it is up to you,but rest assured that if someone has tracked you down and asked for your demo,they a far more likely to listen to it than if it arrived on their desk unannounced.
"I think sending demos out,if they get heard,is great.But a lot of the time they don't,which is why you should use the internet instead of sending hard copies.I know it's probably seems a bit insane not to send it out because it's like 'who's going to hear me?,try getting your work to community radio stations or your local shops and give them your music to play during business hours,whatever you do make sure you stand out from the crowd i.e deliver quality goods.

More than ever it's important to be creative to get yourself noticed.Every artist can have a Soundcloud,Myspace or Bandcamp,anyone can create a Facebook fan page but what makes you stand out from the crowd?

You need to get people talking about you.For example,ask your fans to create a video of themselves dancing to your song and post that on your social media space.You can create a buzz around one of your gig by inviting a select number of people by whats-app to a secret set,they'll feel special to have you chat with them and being part of the family.

Maximize your exposure - your fans are your best friends,keep your fans interested,upload videos to YouTube,give away free downloads of new songs,blog about other music that is inspiring to you,use tools like Storify and Vimeo to make the most of your online content.
Nothing builds excitement around a new act like a legion of enthusiastic and passionate fans. Keep in touch with your followers online and respond to them.Every person you build a good relationship with is another person who can tell their friends about you.

Asabelane ngolwazi,asikhule kwezomculo

Let's meet again of Friday

UmfokaMpangazitha uyazibongela

Facebook:Dj-Sticha Mixking

Twitter:    @DeejaySticha

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Source - DJ-Sticha
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