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Divinity Daily Questions and answers with Dingani Witness

22 May 2016 at 08:56hrs | Views
Qn. Examine ways which Yahweh used to communicate with his prophets and how prophets delivered their messages in relation to Zimbabwean context?(25) -pt 29

 - The above question requires one to understand the Key words before attempting it. Firstly, let's break the question.

 - We break the question by attempting to answer the following fundamental questions.

 - What is a prophet?
 - Who is Yahweh?
 - What is to communicate?
 - What are the ways?

-Prophet is someone who communicate the will of Yahweh ~U S A English dictionary define "communicate" as to share, whilst ,ways as a method

 - In other words this question requires one to examine the methods which Yahweh/God used to share the message to his prophets

 - We all know that in Israel they were so many prophets ,starting from Moses ,Up to the time of Jeremiah-A Level Zimsec syllabus will guide us .


 - Yahweh communicated with, Moses who is regarded as a the father all prophets through a vision (Moses saw a vision of burning bush at Mt Horeb first ,then thus when he started to talk to Yahweh) Exodus 3 v 1

 - It also recorded that Moses talked to Yahweh face to face like someone speaking to his friend (Numbers 12 v 4-8).

 - One will be tempted to ask the following Questions, Does this mean that Moses saw the face of Yahweh?  

 - Why Moses Speaking to Yahweh face to face ?

 - Is this the reason why Moses is regarded as the par excellence

 - Numbers 12 v 4-8,Proves to us that Yahweh communicated with other prophets in a dream or visions.This is valid to our answer.

 - Yahweh communicated with Samuel in a voice ,this is the reason why Samuel thought that it was Eli who was calling him ,this is well supported by Dr Thomas Constable 2016 Edition relying on 1 Samuel 3 v 1.

 - Yahweh communicated with Amos in a voice ,this is the reason why Amos says ,The Lord roars from Zion ,it also the reason why some scholars have submitted that Amos was influenced by the voice of the Lord instead of his back ground. In other words it means that God communicated with Amos through a voice ( Amos 1 v 2-5,Amos 3 v 8).

 - Amos in chapter 7v 1 delivers visions of doom .In other words it means that God communicated with Amos in a vision "The lord showed me.


 - Israel prophets used various ways to deliver their messages. Moses used messenger style of speech "thus says the Lord",this is indicated in Exodus 5 v 1

 - Moses went on to use a song to deliver his message, this,is indicated in Exodus 32 .

 - Nathan used a parable to condemn David for injustice ,this is supported by 2 Samuel 12.

 - Amos used the following things to deliver the message of doom ~song ,Amos 5 v 2

~wordplays "visions of doom ",Amos 7 v 1

~similes and metaphors, Amos 2 v 11-13 &3 v 12

 - Prophets like Hosea ,Jeremiah ,Isaiah used symbolic actions to deliver their messages ,I won't waste much time in writing them ;Read the bible you will understand everything.


®Most of the Zimbabwean prophets claims to have been communicating with Yahweh .

®Johane Masowe claimed that Yahweh in a vision talked to him at Mt Marimba, He further says that Yahweh instructed him to change his name from Shoniwa Masedza to Johane Masowe(John of the wilderness).

® Angel according to Miracle TV undated claimed that Yahweh had shown him two visions (My vision to hell and My vision to heaven ).

®Makandiwa according to his article Volume 11 undated he delivered 18 parables and visions .He said the lord talked to him .In other words this means that Yahweh communicated with him in a voice just like Amos and other prophets which the writer highlighted above.

N.B - There are so many prophets which can be added for instance W.Magaya,Blessing Chiza,Paul Mwazha .

®Zimbabwean prophets uses the following ways to deliver their messages.

®According to an article of Makandiwa Volume 11 undated Makandiwa says another way of delivering a message is to use parables ,and soon after that he delivered more than 15 parables .

®Some of the Zimbabwean prophets uses Books ,Pamphlets, Banners to deliver their messages ,this include Magaya ,Makandiwa to mention but few only.

®Zimbabwean prophets have went on to extent of using TV stations, Websites, Facebook, Twitter.We all know the examples of prophets who uses the above ways.

®It has been suggested that Magaya and Angel uses symbolic actions to deliver their messages e.g Magaya usually wear sandals during the church service,thus,symbolising humbleness whilst Angel lives flamboyant life,thus,symbolising gospel of prosperity.

 - You can draw out the similarities and differences between Zimbabwean prophets and Israel prophets

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