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A'Level: Daily Divinity Questions and Answers with Witness Dingani

16 Jun 2016 at 06:43hrs | Views
"Israel prophets promoted peace and stability" Examine this view .To what extent do Zimbabwean prophets promote peace? (25) -pt 40

|Divinity Revision Questions |16 June 2016|

 - The above question demands one to prove that Israel prophets promoted peace and stability .In order for one to answer the above question. It has been emphasized by number of different authors and teachers that in order for one to execute the question ,you have to ask yourself different fundamental questions before attempting it on a given answer sheet. I also encourage the same thing .The fundamental questions will include the following.

 - What is a prophet?
 - Which Israel prophets promoted peace and stability?
 - Does it mean that throughout their ministry ,peace and stability was the topic of Israel prophets?
 - What can it be said about the prophets who fought holy wars?
 - Which role is this one ? Because there is no role which is called promoting peace and stability.

The writer on Zimbabwean context part will focus on the following prophets
 - Samuel Mutendi
 - Emmanuel Makandiwa
 - Ezekiel Guti
 - Passion Java
 - The Apple prophet "Fordrick"
 - Tavonga Vutabwashe
 - The man of cloth "Magaya"
 - Some of the prophets might be unknown but they contribute on daily basis.

 - Israel prophets promoted stability and peace ,this cannot be denied .The exhausted prophet was overcrowded by peace in mind this might be the reason why he won't on to advocate for justice over Naboth's vineyard .The point in this case is that Elijah might have been against quarreling among people, hence, confronting them was to maintain peace and stability in the society. This is record in 1st Kings 21:17.

 - Ahijah of Shiloh played a pivotal role in Israel .The background of Israel is well known by number of so many students. R.S.V bible explains to us that during the times of the Ahijah ,they were some who were oppressed as they were engaged in forced labour. This might be the reason why Ahijah realized that it was necessary for him to divide Israel. Fortunately, symbolically he divided Israel .This is recorded in 1st Kings 11:29.The point is that Ahijah to maintained peace and stability, hence, it will be loss of memory if one ignore him,  - The Ramoth Gilead incident is known by everyone. This happened when Jehoshaphat and Ahab wanted to attack the Ramoth Gilead. It is prudent to note that already this was going to cause war and violence. The 400 court prophets who were led by famous Zedekiah were consulted. It seems like they also supported war and violence. The individual infamous true prophet Micah Ben -Imlah was consulted as well ,he discouraged the two kings in attacking Ramoth Gilead. This has led the author to suggest that ,definitely Micah wanted peace and stability. Credit will be given to him. The incident is recorded in 1st Kings 22:1-26.

 - The prophet of Jerusalem "Isaiah" is well known for his peaceful foreign policy. His 2rd ministry was political as he was discouraging Ahaz in joining Syro-Ephraimite Alliance against the unstoppable Assyria. [The advice of Isaiah is known by everyone, hence,they writer won't waste much time in explaining everything].The point is that Isaiah promoted peace and stability.

 - In as much as it can be said that Israel prophets promoted peace and stability ,it will be loss of memory if one ignore the view that they are some who were architects of war and violence. For instance Samuel the man who had four offices ,prophet being one of them he championed holy wars. This is evidenced when he prayed and offered sacrifices in Mizpah ,so that Yahweh will give strength Israel in order to fight against the Philistines. This is recorded in 1 Samuel 7:5-10.As a result the Israelites won the battle. Samuel as a prophet ,he instituted school of prophecy ,The internal evidence reveal that Samuel was always standing as the head ,this is indicated in 1 Samuel 19:20.Scholar B.W Anderson submitted that the other role of sons of prophets with their head was to champion holy wars ;giving soldiers a patriotic feeling .This is also the reason why the guild was always stationed in garrisons. At this stage it is prudent to suggest that Samuel promoted violence and imbalance in the society.

 - There are so many examples


 - In as much Israel prophets promoted peace ,Zimbabwean do the same thing or have been doing it . For instance. Makandiwa during 2008 national elections reprimanded for anti-violence .He advised people to have spirit of brotherhood. He might foresaw that there will be bloodshed as a result of anger during the campaigns. As such this indicate that Zimbabwean prophets promote war and stability.

 - .Makandiwa has been recorded by media to have been involved in anti-sanction campaign on 1st March 2011,Makandiwa was advocating peace during this campaign. The story was even published by the National TV ,follow this link to get more information( "This will be followed by the singing of the …..prayer led by United Family ...Reverend Emmanuel Makandiwa…. to 11 am, it will be time for solidarity messages …. churches and traditional leaders "The story was published on the 1st March 2011 20:38pm).With above information this support the view that Zimbabwean prophets promote peace and stability.

N.B Tavonga Vutabwashe can be added as well.

 -  In Zimbabwean context number of so many prophets have promoted violence and imbalance citing the "white church garment" who fought against the police in Budiriro 1 ,this was recorded by Newsday and ZBC on the 14th May 2014 (The members of the sect could be heard shouting ordering others to kill claiming they were fighting a "holy war") All this proves that Zimbabwean prophets can be regarded as the architect of war and violence.The following link will help the reader to get full story( | encourage the readers to take use of Local newspapers ,everyday they publish different stories which can be important to our subject.

 - Ezekiel Guti and Samuel Mutendi during the colonisation of Zimbabwe they criticised this idea of the whites .Some went on to influence Africans to reject the colonisation, this is evidenced by Smith regime arresting the named prophets because of their messages which were anti-colonial.In other words these prophets gave people an emotional spirit or nationalistic feeling .Hence ,the Africans revolting this is evidenced by 1st Chimurenga .Credit can be given to the prophets ,this has been further supported by Sam Mamvuru who submitted that the early prophets and traditionalist supported Africans during the colonisation. As such this proves to us that Zimbabwean prophets promote violence and imbalance in a society.


 - Justify the validity of the statement

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