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Betty Makoni's official autobiography - Never Again - finally out

29 Jun 2012 at 15:50hrs | Views
The wait is over,  Betty Makoni's official autobiography, Never Again, not to any woman or girl again is finally out. This will bring one complete piece of Betty Makoni's story which in some circles had been shared in complete distortion.

A victim of rape as a child vendor at age six, Betty Makoni's anger was evoked to fight a crime that invades and violates the most delicate part of a woman. She did not feel physical pain for herself only but also for millions of other women and girls who are invisible and remain in rubbles of poverty and recycled in violence for centuries .The loss of her mother due to domestic violence did not enslave her nor keep her a victim. Instead, she used that to rebel against patriarchy and expose its injustices.

Transforming a negative into a positive, Betty established her organisation from a classroom and carried it with passion to become one of the biggest movements for girls.  Her story is a testimony of what one woman can do. Rescuing girls from violent and life threatening situations, grooming successors, and infecting every girl and woman with activism are developments that cost nothing but passion. Girl Child Network Worldwide now churns out millions of young activists from everywhere, and her story shows her moneyless strategy of transforming victims into leaders.

"In the past, my story has been shared in bits and pieces. Many times I had to join those bits and pieces for different people who sought to know more.  I most appreciate many people round the globe who made me visible by sharing my story given the fact that my very existence had been thrown into doubt due to poverty and violence as a child. Now I have opened a book of my life and anyone with good intent to share my story will first turn to this book and respectfully share my life story within context. Sharing my story in a sentence, paragraph or chapter is just a teaser. I bring a whole book and all truth and only truth to inspire the world. You asked me to share the story and it is over to you now', said Betty Makoni.

This book ignites the spirit of activism in readers, exploring empowerment, inspiration, courage, and bravery, peace of mind, forgiveness and hope.  Through her writing, Betty calls for activism to start in the home and at a personal level √ɬ¢√¢‚Äö¬¨" "It is only in that way that silent genocides of women and girls will stop."

The reader is taken through a more refined personal empowerment process through inspirational magical expressions and words, idioms and symbolism that digs deeper into personal issues that not many women and girls in Africa and elsewhere dare not to speak about. It is a book that breaks all taboos in families, work, community, and just about everywhere.

Betty Makoni presents some ironic situations throughout this book. The NGO  sector in Africa is  dominated by women working to stop violence against women  and girls but ironically the many serious conflicts  that are presented in this book involve women against women. The "pull her down attitude" by  "dignified beggars" surviving solely on donor funding brings some interesting debates, truths and insights into sustainable development.

Pavla Cveckova, Bsc., MA, DiS who is a passionate practitioner of 'imperfection in perfection' of human beings who is one of those honoured to edit and critique Betty Makoni's autobiography  said  "This book makes you angry, laugh, smile, think, speak, act and move you forward if ever your life was stuck somewhere."

The online launch and subsequent book signing ceremonies will commence on 22 June, 2012 which coincides with her 41th birthday


Betty Makoni is a multi-global award winner, renowned poet, speaker, gender activist, and advocate for girls and women worldwide. She is one of the first African women to be honoured by the United Nations, Women World Summit, Ashoka, Afrikan Goddess Award, Amnesty International   and many high profile international organisations for Excellency, Innovation and Creativity in girls' empowerment.  CNN, the Dalai Lama and World's Children's Prize singled her out as a hero. Newsweek named Betty Makoni amongst 150 women who shake the world.


Betty Makoni officially announced that her autobiography, Never again:  not to any woman or girl again, will be officially launched online globally on her forty-first birthday, 22 June 2012.  The launch will kick start a unique and more creative campaign to end violence against women and girls at personal and family level, based on the title of her book.

Betty Makoni invites anyone who wants to launch her  book on any social media (Facebook, a personal website, blog or other) to contact her directly so that they can be registered and also an acknowledgement of this good gesture can be done.The official Facebook page for the launch is :

The official blog for the autobiography is

Registered links  and news updates

Film makers and theatre practitioners are also welcome to contact Betty Makoni:  (

                                                        CONFIRMED BOOK SIGNING EVENTS

Betty Makoni has been invited to many events to speak and sign her book. She extends the invitation to you to attend so that you get a signed copy of her book.
  - 30 June, Speaking at Roosevelt Girls Fundraiser, Brentwood, Essex

Betty Makoni believes that fundraising efforts supporting  girls' education should get support. She was invited to speak in support of a fundraiser for a girls school in Zimbabwe. She will be attending and encourages friends to attend too. She will donate her official autobiography which will be auctioned on the night. Betty Makoni believes that as long as fundraising targets girls even if GCNW is not the organiser, we must do everything to support. Please support me to support many other girls in Zimbabwe.

  - 9 July, ZIMARTS Mbuya Chiweshe event, London UK
This is a special event where renowned Mbira player, Mbuya Stella Chiweshe will perform. I am invited to speak and sign my autobiography as well as share GCNW work. I am extending invitation to you all.

  - 14 July Girl Child Network Worldwide is at  International South end Street Painting & Festival of the Arts
Betty Makoni will be  representing GCNW and come and get a copy of her  signed autobiography and get some unique art works from Zimbabwe too.

  - 16 RESTORED UK Trustee meeting, Paddington UK
. RESTORED UK trustees  will watch a documentary film on Betty Makoni called Tapestries of Hope. As a trustee of Restored UK, Betty Makoni appreciates donations to  Restored UK website

  - 21 July, Launch of new church-Details coming soon
25 to 26 July Key note Speaker at Global Conference for women in Johannesburg South Africa

Betty Makoni is a key note speaker at GP Women's conference running 25 √ɬ¢√¢‚Äö¬¨" 26 July 2012 at the Indaba Hotel in Fourways, Johannesburg. Her  presentation is on 25 July at 09:15 √ɬ¢√¢‚Äö¬¨" 10:00. Please email  for details. If you would like attend please feel to welcome. You will receive a discount for booking through Betty Makoni.

Register now and meet Betty Makoni in South Africa

Betty Makoni  will conduct meetings round South Africa until mid-August 2012. Be sure to meet her  and get a copy of her book.

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