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Prophet Bushiri: A visionary man who rose from nothing to conquer the world

22 Nov 2016 at 15:07hrs | Views
  • Prophet Bushiri is a man well ahead of his time. In his ministry, in his businesses, and as a human being. Having risen from barren land, armed with a dream, the man from Malawi now stands at the foot of the world.

Malawian born cleric, celebrity gospel billionaire preacher Shepherd Bushiri released a Hip-Hop song this last week. It was widely downloaded, receiving nearly a whopping 100,000 direct and referral downloads in Malawi alone.

He did this, in a country whose rural electrification is 9% and the lowest in the world: Its mobile penetration rate is among the lowest in Africa, with fewer than 20% having access to internet. Less than 1 in 10 people have access to electricity, while in rural Malawi only 1 in 100 people have access to it. Those numbers are proof that anyone with electricity and a cellphone with data downloaded the song. It could easily mean everyone in Malawi did.

Statistics for Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique, Europe and the America's are still being compiled, but the numbers seem set to venture into double digit millions.

This comes on the back of the Prophet launching a mobile network in South Africa. Something which is very rare, when you consider the man is black in a country where capital is dominated by the contrasting colour.

Just a day after launch, Prophet Bushiri's mobile cell phone network (PSB Network) was already going beyond 100,000 subscribers. The network also follows the launch of the prophet's developing application, an instant messaging solution like Whatsapp and WeChat, but arguably better in terms of user-friendliness.

Bushiri Buzz is available on Play Store and on the Apple App Store

After the launch of PSB Network, I among several other journalists were fortunate to receive accreditation to attend a one-on-one session at the cleric's business headquarters – Shepherd Bushiri Investments in Sandton.

It was there, for the first time, that the prophet opened-up on his various business. It was there I learnt of the Shepherded Bushiri University, his first-class private charter airline business, his multi-million-dollar consultancy business, his mining ventures all around Africa.

Rich men are loud, while wealthy men are modest. The adage was laid bare before our eyes. But that is not the subject matter of today. The subject matter today is, Shepherd Bushiri, a man seemingly ahead of his time, and ahead of contemporary gospel.

Speaking to me exclusively, Kelvin Sulugwe, the Public Relations Officer to the prophet said,

Many Christians love to fish in the pond. They like to preach the gospel to converts. This is not, and should not be the case. The Prophet can smash records at his rate because he is relevant. He is able to preach the gospel to a Hip-hop loving youth, and bring them to Christ.

It certainly rings true. The Catholic Church, and most of the protestant churches have seen a more than steady decline in numbers. In Europe and America, Christians have decreased in numbers by the millions.

As the world changes, they have failed to change with it. Anachronism has condemned them to a hammer blow by Pentecost movements. The only protestant church able to keep up is the Reformed Church (Dutch), easily because it has allowed itself to reform over time.

In that regard, Prophet Bushiri is a man ahead of his time. A game changer in the mold of John Whistle. A loyal disciple, who dares to go into uncharted territory to preach the gospel.

And it goes beyond that as well. His Virtual Mobile Network is a blueprint for black people seeking empowerment at low cost and sensible returns. His investment network, which runs across all continents now, is testament to how genius the man is.

This last week, he uploaded a picture of himself from a few years back, and stated that,

But deeper than the meteoric rise of the man, is the path he has opened. Not the thousands of people employed in Malawi, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Sudan, Dubai, UK, USA, and others. Deeper than that is the fact that Shepherd Bushiri is a prototype that invention, genius and dedication will lead to success.

Prophet Bushiri at the launch of his mobile network

He is a phenomenal prototype whose billions must inspire billions of people to follow suit. His business empire is proof that no matter how much people, media, and enemies fight you, if you work hard enough behind closed doors, eventually your success speaks for itself.

Over the next few months, you will read of various ventures, launched all over Africa and the world. Of lives changed, lives empowered. While that may startle then, it is quite clear that the truth should not startle.

Prophet Bushiri is a man well ahead of his time. In his ministry, in his businesses, and as a human being. Having risen from barren land, armed with a dream, the man from Malawi now stands at the foot of the world.

Signing off after our interview last month, where I echoed the same thing, his words were,

"Don't be intimidated, be inspired"

Maynard Manyowa is a journalist and contributing editor of Khuluma Afrika.

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