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A Letter To My Daughter

01 Dec 2016 at 05:29hrs | Views

 My beloved daughter, your mother told me you are still heart-broken about the abuse by your former boyfriend & that the scars of that abusive former relationship are making you not to trust any man & you now have a very low self esteem. My beloved daughter, get wisdom, get understanding! The fact that you were once USED by men , misUSED , abUSED & confUSED doesn't mean you can no longer be awesomely USED by the Living God.

Yes, most of your friends are happily married but you are not, so what? You cant pray and FAST to FAST-track, or FAST-forward, the seemingly not so FAST purpose of your life! Look here, even if your life seems to be in a slow-MOTION, don't get too EMOTIONAL, just continue putting your faith into MOTION, without even expressing too EMOTIONS & God will give you your proMOTION.

My beloved daughter, even those who are the BEST, were once just like REST, but unlike the REST they believed God for the BEST, even though they were the LEAST, they passed all painful life's TESTS, and came out from the REST of the people, now they rule the ROAST as BEST of the BEST. Be very strong my daughter, life is tough, but you are tougher! If you forget to PRAY to God you will be an easy PREY to the devil. ONE WEEK without God's Word makes ONE WEAK. Arise my daughter, arise mighty woman of valor! Pass my greetings to your mother and granny. @gwizimotivator. Gwizi Motivator |
Gwizi Motivator |
Gwizi is an inspirational author and speaker who has written over a hundred inspirational articles for various newspapers and magazines and has been a guest speaker on various radio stations. He is the founding leader and visionary of motivational whatsaap groups with thousands of members.

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