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MLF must never soil Dr J Nkomo

04 Dec 2016 at 08:53hrs | Views
The so called state of the Nation address by the learned Dr Churchill Guduza does not only undermine Mthwakazi people, but Dr Joshua Nkomo. Calling Dr Nkomo a clown is treasonous. It actually exposes the credibility of the leadership of the Party MLF.

The people of Zimbabwe/ Mthwakazi at this particular moment do not need unnecessary fighting and divisions. What is needed most is unity amongst the political organisations of Mthwakazi ZAPU and MDC included.

Guduza is fighting for an unknown or a fish which have never been captured. At the moment Mthwakazi is a dream and they (MLF) should understand that it is not for them its for all. The liberation credentials that he is referring to brought us nothing but trouble we are facing as a nation of Mthwakazi. This is not because Dr Joshua Nkomo sold out. it was because of his genuineness to the cause not what this imbecile called Guduza is saying.

Dr Gudiza be warned and stay away from Dr J Nkomo, ZAPU and Zipra legacy. I doubt very much if you are a true Zipra cadre, a trained Zipra personal cannot publicly condemn UMdala Wethu for sins he never committed.

 Of cause the war was fought by ZIPRA but at the end they left the country in Harare due to lack of political ideology which you also in particular contributed to, since you also claim you were part of it. Nkomo was not alone.

Targeting Mqondisi Moyo a leader who has been mandated and endorsed by his party to lead is derogatory and immature. Guduza you are way above 70 years old and Mqondisi Moyo and most of his team are way below 40 years old how can you stoop so low to attack those boys? For your own information I am a Zipra trained cadre but I respect Mqondisi Moyo and his team. They are very intelligent, smart and brave and very soon they are taking over from all of us including you. Just shut up and run your small spaza business and stop bullying the young men while you do nothing. Leave UMdala Wethu alone. By attacking J Nkomo and liking him with Mqondisi Moyo you have lost the plot because you have angered everyone.

The social media leaders of MLF are not known by people. The only people who knows you are people on social media platforms, and they don't even support you because your ideas are very primitive such as writing diplomatic letters and posting them online. Nowadays anyone can write that anyone can send an email to UN and Britain or any other place, but its not everyone who have the art to convince the masses. Its not all emails that are taken serious so be real join MRP or ZAPU and go to the people and stop that nonsense of yours. You are a disgrace, at your age how could you insult Dr Joshua Nkomo?

You are not even suppose to attack those young men especially Mqondisi Moyo he is suppose to be your son. Guduza uhlutshwa yi nyaope stop drugs. Why do you behave like a learned lunatic? You are childish and pathetic.

I doubt very much if Mqondisi's party is a briefcase party like yours, rather it is the people's party and it's policies are influenced by the people not theories from the unknown source like yours. if they are not making an impact you wouldn't be talking about them.

The article you wrote lack political maturity to lambast other Mthwakazi people like that. The fact that Mqondisi Moyo in one of his articles said "they are still consulting and soon the decision on whether they will participate or not would be reached by the owners of the party" means there is no official position on that so why rush to insult them and our leader Dr J Nkomo over your own failure as MLF?

 The fact that you started something does not make you the owner especially in politics allow other players to participate, I have never seen any article by Mqondisi Moyo or ZAPU insulting you but you do that daily in the process you are promoting them.

MRP and ZAPU unlike MLF - Guduza is not a dog which just bark without biting but its on ground facing the enemy heard on and we know it back home.

Today as we speak the party have all the structures from national level up to branch level whether true or imagined it has worked and proven by giving us pictures, audios and videos as proof, but when ever MLF opens their mouth is to attack Mqondisi Moyo. Today you even had the gusts to attack uBaba uNkomo who are you? a fool?. I have noticed that every time you write stories based on other peoples articles and programs especially Magagula and MRP why can't you be your own? You have forced us to sympathise more with them. Mr Guduza and your bunch of losers please leave Dr Joshua Nkomo alone. I am actually very angry with you if I were close to you I was going to deal with you. How could you undermine Father Zimbabwe like that. fool!!!

It's a shame that you presented the state of the nation which you are not living in. Guduzas and the rest are barking out side the country. You are busy promising a lot but fulfilling nothing. Leave the small boys alone. How many times have you declared war which you never fought?

If MLF officials are serious about Mthwakazi independence, come on, man up and leave the small boys alone. I think its better they reserve positions at branch levels for you so that you learn politics.

 Do not be scholarly about politics because it goes beyond that. As Mthwakazi people we are tired of empty promises. The six years that you claim, what have you done for us as Mthwakazi people except barking and promising our people lies?. Politics is not for puppies but it is for men and women of bravery par excellency.

At least uNkomo have known policies and programs of action and you have nothing except pretending to be a leader whilst you are not. Whether you believe it or not Mqondisi Moyo is a leader and as we speak he is at work. Leave the young man alone, leave ZAPU and Zipra alone leave Ubaba uNkomo alone and focus on MLF business.

My advice is that the Nkomo family do not respond to this imbecile called Guduza, same as ZAPU and MRP, this man needs help uNkomo kathintwa liqawe ko Mthwakazi.

By SK Mtshali former Zipra Cadre currently based in United Kingdom my war name is ( Mavimbinduku Dubulibhunu)

Source - SK Mtshali
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