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Masiyiwa can make Zimbabwe Strive again

05 Dec 2016 at 22:13hrs | Views
The country was once a vibrant supplier of surplus farm produce many years ago. Long, long ago is now the statement of solace and comfort for the country's unfortunate citizens who have been stucked into historical reference which has turned itself into folklores.

The country is now almost a circus of nasty jokes from other states around the globe. Every headline partaining Zimbabwe's sorry state sells big abroad.

Having a better record of intelligence or intellectual capability has not helped at all as all the intellects have fed the 'baby' with a poison coated spoon. The nation has experienced a meteoric rise in critics than in solution providers or builders.

The country has been hampered by 'traitors' who have masquaraded as pro-democrats and democrats while causing disillusions among the unfortunate civilians.

The case of Zimbabwe is so big that it cannot be rested into watery hands lest the state might fall on the ground with gritty force and break into unmendable pieces.

The country was long affected by the years of transformation from socialism to 'capitalism' prior to the late 90s during the same time when the socialist Soviet Union was experiencing a breakaway crisis and economic slump.

The years of ESAP were the menace of ill-advice from the international monetary communities and so-called economic experts on the necessary modalities which were to be taken to avoid some 'kicksteps'.

Unfortunately the venom from these 'experts' sandwiched by the illusion of the government of ZANU PF at that time would spill into an industrial lay-off of labour and frequent low wages.

Strikes became rampant during the period and as the government tried to correct the problem there were more problems which were born out of the mess.

Two of the them are the formation of the Movement for Democratic Change party in 1999 backed by the disgruntled labour and the catastrophic Land Reform of 2000(to current). The latter was almost ideal as per its theorems but the undertaken practicality points otherwise.

This is an action which caused a horrendous damage to the country's reputation with the withdrawal of funding and imposition of sanctions all these leading to the creation of a Pariah State.

The economic slump continued its downward spiral and the level reached alarming levels in 2008 when socio-economic and political pillars fell to the ground and forced the house to follow suit.

The pebliscite was heavily disputed by all and sundry in the international community as well as the opposition forces and this led to the formation of the Government of National Unity with the sole responsibility to align key reforms in all the aforementioned pillars of the country.

This was all in vain as all the 'men' tasked with the mandate betrayed the country's populace by sleeping on duty and took pride in a recovering economy at the expense of the political structure.

This calamitious and 'lacadaisical' approach has come to haunt the opposition political fronts in Zimbabwe who are trying to find their way to the podium amid abject failure and resounding defeat again in the 2013 elections by ZANU PF.

The opposition has cried foul and refused to endorse the elections citing manipulation of the votes in favour of the ZANU PF machinations.

This has confused the povo on which 'guntruth' to follow.

Facts in as much as they are said to be stubborn should not be spared though, that the opposition parties who were part of the 2009 to 2013 coalition failed the nation more than themselves by failing to force for the alignment of the same reforms they are demanding and demonstrating for when they had the chance to do so and instead chose luxury.

This treachery is one for all be it Mr Richard Tsvangirai,Welshman Ncube,Tendai Biti,Joice Mujuru or whoever in the opposition right now.

In as much as we accept that Mr Tsvangirai is a man who is loved by many a people and command a huge following,there are a few points which need to be rectified on/by him or the MDC-T party or else they just take solace in sinking like the titanic.

There is a reason why I have decided to touch on this man and sparing others,the reasons are that all his other competitors are proven failures and also 'wolves' which are being sponsored to spoil democrative initiative from running within the country.

It boggles the mind to find Mr Tsvangirai accusing President Mugabe of clinging onto power for too long when evidence shows that they are birds of the same feathers.

The former might have a case that on many occasions he has won but somehow prevented from assuming power through lack of endorsement from the securocrats and war veterans. Not only that,Mr Tsvangirai has also defied the terms of democracy by 'lying' to the general public concerning the issue of his Highlands mansion he has refused to vacate upon the lapsing of the GNU in 2008.

He has justified that no one knows the agreement he entered with President Mugabe and has vehemently denied to divulge any further information on the matter.

The same man has made it clear that while we dream of a zion in Zimbabwe he wants to create a Sodom like democracy in Zimbabwe where one can 'run' on another person's back and where Peter and John can marry.

This initiative is wholly against our cultural norms and beliefs. The same matter which made Sodom go under the hammer of the hand of God is what the crowd-pulling Mr Tsvangirai wants to create in the country and unless he wholly confess whole-heartedly to God that he will stop homosexuality from penetrating into Zimbabwe, his chances of taking over the reigns are next to none with reference to the way kings were appointed in the Old Testament(they were tasked with the mandate to promote the morality apprehended by God).

In as much as the foreign policy of Zimbabwe needs some review,the country should cease to be a puppet of either the East or the West as we have the capability not to over-rely on the countries in those bands.

This cannot improve under the tutelage of Mr Tsvangirai who is a known admirer of the West though belief is high he can turn around the woes of the country especially economic wise.

Therefore,there is only one man stucked over the horizon in exile who has proven his mettle over the years as the person who can take this country somewhere.

He can make Zimbabwe strives again like what his name states for itself.

Strive Masiyiwa is a philanthropist and business mogul who has the keys to unlock the value chain of the country as he has demonstrated through his ever-successful business empire dotted across the globe.

The man who owns Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has also demonstrated his silent but charismatic fighting spirit which led him to acquire the heavily disputed operating licence against all-odds.

He is one man with a clear record of victory which almost everyone has bowed down to everywhere on the Zimbabwean plateau.

His genuine character and hardworking discipline is a rare fundamental which cannot be found in the opposition circles at the moment and it is wisee for Mr Masiyiwa to feel for the citizens' cause and return home to be given 'his throne' as of now no one deserves it among the band of treacherous and proven failures within the Zimbabwean political fraternity.

Zimbabwe has statistically been proven to have an underlying potential to be the second world super power and richest nation if it manages to efficiently harness its capability,stamp out the menace of corruption and therefore, for it to realise that only a person in the calibre and mould of Mr Masiyiwa can make the country strives again as he has the requisite needed to match the strengths of Mr Tsvangirai or any other opposition candidate and cover up for their weaknesses at the same time.

He is a good and seasoned administrator who has the backing of key investors besides being also one and he is a 'God fearing man full of admirable humility.'

Only God knows that no prophet is accepted in his country of origin and this might be true to some extent on Mr Masiyiwa as some greedy and power hungry comrades will likely to dismiss the notion given above for the sake of protecting the diary plants full of milk for self-aggrandizement.

The country needs less talkative leaders who do not sleep on duty, fresh and hands clean personalities who can steer the country upward and forward and Masiyiwa is the man with rare and unique qualities to take the country to 'our own Canaan'.

Wilson Chipangura nom de guerre Comrade Mazhambe is the leader of Pan Zimbabwean Society (a social lobby group that advocates for extreme patriotism). Email:

Source - Wilson Chipangura
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