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Bond notes and kiya kiya economy: tragedy of ZANU PF's pupulist ideology.

07 Dec 2016 at 19:17hrs | Views
As the country grapples with the challenge of liquidity that has reached alarming levels despite the introduction of the bond notes which the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Dr John Mangugya had stated that would easy the liquidity crisis and promote exports that in turn would bring into the country the much needed United States dollar.

A week after the introduction of the bond notes, which in my view is not an out rightly bad idea as some of my colleagues and analysts sought to portray one wonders what has happened because liquidity crisis seem to have worsened with bank ques getting longer affecting even those receiving their remittances from the diaspora.

One does not need to be an economist nor a rocket scientist or robotics to see that the economy is at its knees and those tasked with the mandate to govern do not seem to have any idea on how to come out of this quagmire that they have put the country in through poor populist policies that are neither communist nor capitalist.

Zanu PF as in my view,a far left fascist party with Socialist rhetoric has over years struggled to come out with a clear ideology and stood for that ideology. Time to time they stagger between Socialist/ Marxist rhetoric, castigate white or Western Capitalism while practising black indigenous capitalism hidden behind populist rhetoric.

I am not an economist nor a political scientist but a mere Pastor and student of history with keen interest in current affairs as they resonate with my escatological interests.

In light of the confused ideology Zanu PF has over the years created a fascist economic situation if ever there is anything like that.

Their policy formulation is not always informed and based on principles of economics though Mugabe holds a degree in Economics but guided by sheer populism that is destructive to the economy and has created this level of fiscal indiscipline among citizens.

They say "like father, like son".
The errant and uncalculated appetite for imports by Zimbabweans is a reflection of the behavior by the leadership and has led to this crisis.

When we have a First Family that is so fond of Eastern goodies and healthcare to the extent that even giving birth one has to go to Malaysia, then the citizens are right when they send all the US dollars to China, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan buying Honda fits and Nissan Caravans en masse to outdo each other in the public transport sector instead of investing all that money in the productive sector.

We blame climate change/ Elnino induced drought and illegal sanctions when we export all the money buying second hand underwear and shoes from abroad at the expense of local industries then we complaign of cash shortages.

Has our look East policy benefit us or it had benefited China?
What happened to the $15 billion?

Why have we been importing carrots and mushrooms as well as fruit juices from South Africa?

I refuse to buy into the Elnino drought excuse but l call upon Dr Joseph Made who has presided ovet Agriculture since 2001 to resign for failing to come up with a rhobust food security policy and agric development plans.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbawe created a huge domestic and foreign debt which us the poor are being made to pay throught the RBZ debt assumption bill even though the tractors benefited the rich and the connected.

There has been Presidential input schemes, Operation Maguta now command agriculture what has been the result? Nothing but the selling of the same tractors by the beneficiaries, majority who are Zanu PF supporters and functionaries and they have done it with impunity and perfected the art of looting state resources to sell and get quick cash in the name of Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF surname.

The pademonium and patronage has created the kiya kiya culture of investing in the morning and reaping in the afternoon and as such no one wants to farm where they will have to wait for 3-4 months to get the harvest.

Zimbos are fond of khonapho khonapho profits with little sweat thanks to Zanu pf populism who instead of instilling the culture of fiscal discipline among citizens promote absurd and costly models of enterprenuership such as some we saw in the land reform where some took farms just to hunt and finish all the animals in the farms and vandalise the equipment yet get rewarded by positions in the party and sometimes in government and become gate keepers of the kletocratic system.

Well come bond notes but whither Zimbabwe?

In conclusion may l highlight that each day we import Mabhero to resell we are throwing a stone upon the grave and putting nails on the economic coffin and we are all responsible.

We can change party names and faces in government but ending kiyakiya business approach will take generations to end until we get the Mugufuli type of Leadership with rhobust and radical practical approaches.

Let us work on the land, irrigate where we can and maximize on the global food deficit, thanks to El nino and wars.

It takes a change of mentality and we must end this zanuist approach to business and go to the basics of economics and every one of us has a role. Together we can reduce the import bill.

Let us eat what we kill and live within means.

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