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Job Sikhala - Why Mthwakazi Wants out of Zimbabwe.

17 Dec 2016 at 20:23hrs | Views
Thulani Nkala
Dear Job Sikhala: Why Mthwakazi Wants out of Zimbabwe.

Mr Sikhala before I answer your seemingly respectful and genuine questions there are a few things I wish to point out to you, I do not know whether you know or genuinely lack knowledge on these things I will explain to you. First you seem to think that there are Mthwakazians and Matabeles. Mthwakazi is a nation comprised of various nationalities such as Venda, Sotho, Nambya, Tonga, Ndebele, Nguni, Tswana, Kalanga etc it is located in a place called Matabeleland. Matabeleland is a region or home of Mthwakazi people. To make it easier for you Mthwakazi equals Matabeleland.

Your first question reads as follows: "What are the genuine grievances to call for secession from the Republic of Zimbabwe?" There are two glaring mistakes in this question, first, you assume that the Mthwakazi struggle is based on grievances. This is far from the truth, the Mthwakazi struggle is not based on grievances at all. Regardless of the treatment received or not received it was only a matter of time for Mthwakazi to rise and assert her nationhood and sovereignty. Therefore in simpler terms the Mthwakazi struggle is based on the principle of self-determination, as you know all nations in the world, small and big have the right to determine their political, economic and social destinies.  

Secondly, you erroneously refer to the Mthwakazi struggle as secession, I do not know whether you did this deliberately or you genuinely did not know, here I will assume that you did not know and that you used the word out of ignorance not malicious intent. Mthwakazi does not seek to secede from Zimbabwe, you can only secede from an entity where you have been part of, this is not the case with Zimbabwe, Mthwakazi has never been part of Zimbabwe. Mthwakazi was illegally parcelled to Zimbabwe in the Lancaster House constitution, without Mthwakazi having been involved. There was no referendum which ever asked Mthwakazi whether she wanted to be part of Zimbbawe. Historically, Mthwakazi has never been part of Zimbabwe and even after 1980 the natural fault lines have been there for anyone who cares to see. The Mthwakazi struggle is Restoration. Mthwakazi seeks to restore her independence, nationhood and sovereignty. The process has started and it is now entering a defining moment, that is why many Shona people are beginning to throw spanners into the works.

Mr Sikhala a unitary state does not need to pronounce that it is a unitary state, the fact that Zimbabwe is shouting that it is a unitary state is enough evidence to those with brains to think, to see that it is trying to force matters. Zimbabwe as MaShonaland yes it is a unitary state, nothing more nothing less. Mthwakazi/Matabeleland is not part of Zimbabwe, anyone trying to say Matabeleland is part of Zimbabwe is mad.

Mr Sikhala please tell me one single thing that Mthwakazi is benefiting from being part of Zimbawe right now? The truth is only misery, suffering and dehumanisation. Even if Mthwakazi had decided to follow the grievance route it would triumph for there are so many wrong things that have been done against Mthwakazi and most are still being done. Mr Sikhala do not tell me that you have forgotten about the gukurahundi genocide, any nation which suffered genocide from another nation has a right to self-determine. This alone is reason enough to call for restoration. What more if the genocide perpetrators were never brought to book and from time to time they threaten Mthwakazi of 2nd genocide? Only fools would not want to have a state of their own where their children will be afforded with security and safety and where their children will be accorded the respect they deserve.
Cultural genocide
I am aware that you are aware that the genocide morphed into different forms, but still very dangerous. The media, all forms of media are weapons of cultural genocide in Zimbabwe against Mthwakazi, I do not need to elaborate.  The influx of the Shona workers into Mthwakazi is a deliberate ploy at cultural engineering. Just imagine all jobs of note, I am talking of public jobs such as teaching, policing, defence, nursing, doctors etc are all occupied by one ethnic group. What about the displacements?

Economic genocide
When people are being economically sabotaged as it is happening against Mthwakazi it is called economical genocide. How many firms have relocated to Harare? What about the looting of resources? Where is the MZWP? Even Biti contributed to the destruction of Bulawayo.

Mr Sikhala let me tell you a secret, all Mthwakazians want an independent state of Mthwakazi, be they in MDCT, MDC ZANU or in any other political formation.

Mr Sikhala I am not going to list all the grievances, but if you want I am happy to spend a long time compiling a long list for you, however, no matter how long the list might be, but it would never be exhaustive. The Mthwakazi struggle has entered a defining moment, nobody can ignore it now and nobody can stop it now. It is up to Zimbabweans how this struggle will progress, maturity from both sides is needed. Calling for a peaceful political process does not mean that Mthwakazi is afraid, but it is a sign of political maturity.  Mthwakazi knows the people she is dealing with, their default position is violence, but is violence really necessary? No matter how violent the Zimbabwean state could be against Mthwakazi eventually Mthwakazi will emerge and it is going to be the time when Zimbabwe will also be genuinely free. Naked truth!
Source - Thulani Nkala
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