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Thank you Bulawayo24 News

01 Jan 2017 at 14:11hrs | Views
Future Moyo aka Jamelah
Sociological research and 'Ubuntu' has taught me that many people fail not because they are really failures but simple because they do not recognise the value of these shortest phrases: "thank you" and "I am sorry."

Therefore allow me to alienate myself from that segment and take this opportunity to say THANK YOU BULAWAYO24 NEWS for you coverage and social engaging programs.

You have helped many people beyond Bulawayo and Zimbabwe per say, cutting across all societal dichotomies. You even  concentrated on general alerts and minor issues that turned out to be helping everyone. However as an arts practitioner I am  always biased towards arts, hence I will only dwell on arts.

In arts you have helped to brand our fellow artists, who were living from hand to mouth.

Otherwise many celebrities we now worship today rose through you, and only through you because all avenues were closed in the mainstream media. You helped a lot, those publications, be it in vernacular or whatever style but the fact remains that through your media reach, publicity has been simplified than ever before and marketers now have some burden cut out as they now need to just apply their strategic marketing skills to score the penalty kick.

Many artists would have remained confined  within the parameters of Hilbrow and Berea and were already labelled as "ama celeb e Hilbrow" or  "ama celeb omngunyathi"  and also  referred to as 'no name' products, but through you , they have been read in many parts of the world. Some are even carrying multi-awards today because of the space you afforded them under your Entertainment column. Some have sold out their works all because of your coverage, hence you deserve all praises from the arts sector.

Keep on doing good and your readership will keep on skyrocketing. Bravo to my fellow arts journalists who have been spot on in terms of events-previews, live commentary during events and events reports coupled with  one-on-one post event  interviews.

On behalf of Switchbod Arts Magazine I thank you for a healthy relationship. Now with the dawn of Southern Express in Johannesburg we hope to see a colourful 2017.

Criticism may come but always know that as a media entity you don't operate in isolation, you have your own strengths and weaknesses like others, but you also understand where you came from and so no one can tell where you are going, just keep on shooting high and higher you will stay.

Let 2017 be another prosperous year!

Happy New year!

Future Moyo aka Jamelah @ Usungulo Arts Consultancy
+27 633677668

Source - Future Moyo aka Jamelah @ Usungulo Arts Consultancy
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