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Critics ignorent of Mthwakazi issues

03 Jan 2017 at 12:05hrs | Views
A response to a recent article I published unwittingly confirmed two of my worst suspicions.

Firstly, Mthwakazi has been led by emotion and not by Political wit! Secondly, the elite Mthwakazi are blind to the fact that in reality, Politics has been reduced to a popularity contest. Thulani Nkala begins his response and denigration of my opinions with a promise to deliver a robust response yet succeeds only in exposing how out of touch he is with the general public of Mthwakazi.

This is very disheartening as this seems to be a trend with crucial figures who are engaged with the cause of Mthwakazi. One of them even calling for an army this week. Nkala seems to be full of hypocritical aspirations. On one hand he dismisses the need of an inspirational leader because its early days and ‘..the Mthwakazi struggle is not a 100m sprint, but a long and tiring marathon.', then he seamlessly and obliviously switches to quoting Cde Guevara saying ‘..If you wait for the right conditions you will die waiting'

Let me simplify it for you. Right now we need to engage with a changing political landscape in our current form and that is to make ourselves a formidable force. You assume a referendum will be won about Mthwakazi yet we can't even get significant votes and this alone disqualifies your emotional assumption that we would win a referendum when all the evidence says otherwise.

So to engage, I mean we must look at the upcoming elections and make a strategic decision. Either we continue blowing the current trumpets or we organise ourselves through unification of all our factions and parties and garner significant electoral support by targeting seats in Parliament to then have a say in policy and in a post Mugabe landscape. Failure will relegate us to political oblivion and keep us as nothing more than an irrelevant protest group.
Nkala goes further and dismisses devolution and claims it will keep the status quo.

 This is his jewel statement and he seals it off by postponing the need for unity. I wonder if Nkala read his own article which in essence means even if we win all Mthwakazi wards, councils and seats we would be as irrelevant as we are now! Cde Nkala, I beg to differ. If we devolve power and take employment decisions out of Harare I put it to you that Mthwakazi schools will have Mthwakazi teachers! That is devolution. I put it to you that if we devolve employment power from Harare, we will have police, nurses and border control that are Mthwakazi!

That is devolution! You dismiss devolution as a mirage yet offer no real solutions only a mountain of contradictions. Lets win big in the next elections and start to make a real difference to our people. Lets stop lurking in cyber chat rooms and go represent our people in broad daylight in parliament.

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