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18 Jan 2017 at 13:21hrs | Views
QN To what extent do men in Zimbabwe suffer in marriages just like Hosea?(25)

• The above question might be challenging. The reader will realize that after reading the article the mind will be overcrowded by answers. Hosea is well known by so many biblical readers. The prophet was commissioned to marry a harlot. He used his life to deliver the message. His wife was Gomer ,his three children had cryptic names .Hosea in his marriage suffered physical and spiritual. This include the following things unfaithfulness, disrespect, loneliness, depression, reputation and social status. On the ongoing article the writer will prove that men in Zimbabwe suffer just like Hosea to a certain extent.

• Hosea married Gomer "a woman of loose morals" she gave birth the first born and the child was named "Jezreeel". However, the last two children of Hosea, is a moot among scholars whether they belonged to Hosea or not. Some are of the view that that Gomer went on to practice prostitution whilst she was under Hosea, hence, unfaithful to Hosea. This might have affected Hosea spiritual because of the behavior of Gomer. In Zimbabwean context it is recorded that men suffer as a result of unfaithfulness of their partners., Masvingo Mirror, Southern Eye in May 2016 recorded the story of a Zimbabwean soldier who committed suicide after he discovered that his wife was unfaithful during his absenteeism. The story of Mathias Mhere is well known, Social Networks helped to broadcast the story, The story of Tafadzwa was even recorded by media. Recently, media recorded the Therefore, this indicate that men in Zimbabwe suffer just like Hosea when unfaithfulness of their partners is concerned.

• Hosea after divorcing Gomer, faced challenges.This is recorded 2:5 This might be loneliness. One will understand that when Hosea divorced Gomer, it looked like it was a permanent divorce but Hosea went on to remarry Gomer. What led Hosea to think of remarrying Gomer? This might be loneliness, as such this indicate that Hosea suffered. In Zimbabwean context it is recorded that man experience loneliness especially when marriage issues are concerned. Victoria Falls is good example. In 2003-2009, prostitution was on its peak. As a result, the statistics proved that there were more divorces than engagements. To some point men being divorced by their wife. The divorced being left at home as maids, as a result they experience loneliness just like Hosea. This indicate that men in Zimbabwe suffer just like Hosea.

•Hosea experienced depression this cannot be denied .Hosea in chapter

2 divorced Gomer. She went back to her former husbands. This is supported by Hosea 2:5-6.Some scholars believe that Gomer went on to her husbands who were far rich than Hosea, this can be supported by Hosea 2:5 "For their mother…..For she said, 'I will go after my lovers, who give me my bread and my water, my wool and my flax, my oil…" The reason why Hosea went to remarry it is submitted that Hosea was angered by enjoyment of Gomer which he witnessed "jealous".
Jealous cannot be separated with depression it is beyond no doubt that Hosea experienced depression. This might be supported by the fact that Hosea went on to punish Gomer for a while, chapter 3 will support this. In Zimbabwean context, it is recorded that men experience depression as result they end up executing or stabbing the new partners of the wife [Media records such stories on daily basis. This will help you to understand the Zimbabwean context when subject is concerned]

N.B There so many points which can be added .This include
-social status

• In as much as men in Zimbabwe suffer just like Hosea, one will be totally short sighted if the writer ignore the other side of the coin. In Zimbabwean context it has been recorded by media that Zimbabwean men suffer because of monetary issues. [shortage of money in marriages]. and Chronicles in mid June 2016 recorded the story of man who was arrested for stealing as he claimed that he was divinely inspired. Chronicles between January and March 2016 recorded a story of Bulawayo 6 gangsters who had tendency of ambushing in Cowrdry Park suburb as they will be searching for money.

The local magistrate went on to sentence them 500+ years in prison. They are all suffering now behind the bars. The origin of this being the monetary issues in marriages, therefore, this indicate that some of men in Zimbabwe don't totally suffer like Hosea.

a) Infertility
b) Verbal Abuse
c) Sexual Abuse

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