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Donald Trump: a reminder

28 Jan 2017 at 19:52hrs | Views
Donald Trump should be reminded in strongest terms that he can never bypass human consciousness that rest squarely on freedoms of expression, human rights and dignity, by down playing the reality that the world has shrunk so much that it has become a village as globalisation has taken over both in businesses and politics the, driving forces being technology , human greed as the struggle for exploitation of natural resources that are dwindling at an unprecedented pace escalates.

In his persona Donald Trump has demonstrated himself as being a specimen of notoriety by colonising the presidential executive powers through his dictatorial ,defective signature without caution and his ignorence of the fact that he is elected to an infrastructure that places a huge load on his shoulder to do the convincing business in dealing with a wide core spectrum of intellectual entities , that is various organisations that are driven by the constitutionality obligations and the conspicuous nature of their different political, economic and social beliefs and orientations.

His option to adopt a stance of being a President of Executive Orders does alienate him from his party the Republicans, the Democrats and the society as a whole leaving him a redundant, senseless figurehead and at worst a monument of good intentions seeking refuge in melee reconstructions at a time the world is in a deep state of flux in which civility has become a common phenomena as multiculturalism has become more dominant and explicit (America a nation of migrants).

"Remember Honourable President that introducing "bipolar politics" in the current has consequences greater than the " nuclear technology " you always purport is a deterrent and the entire world urges you to reflect and refrain from issuing "political squeals" that are unsubstantiated and could cost the world that is already in the peripheries as result of American totalitarian foreign policy ,"the world is bleeding with unaccounted rivers of blood in the Middle east.."

"Know this for a fact that the world is dehydrated by your persistent ugly utterances on the Television that have become common pixels to the wide world audience"

Source - Nhlanhla Dube
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