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Mthwakazi demonstrate against birthday celebrations of evil Gugurahundist Mugabe

29 Jan 2017 at 15:14hrs | Views
Dear Mthwakazi in Mathebeleland-South: demonstrate against birthday celebrations of evil Gugurahundist: Robert Mugabe

There is a call by the Mthwakazi organisations to boycott the birthday celebrations of the Gugurahundist Robert Mugabe. You need to understand that this celebration of Mugabe's is to directly mock the peoples of Mathebeleland. Mugabe is saying: "I killed their like in thousands and they is nothing they can do to me, I will celebrate on top of the skeletons of their fathers mothers, sisters, cousins and relatives" We have received enough insults from Zanu PF bantu benkosi. We all know how many people died in the Gugurahundi atrocities.

Mathebeleland has benefited little or nothing from the independence of Zimbabwe, we are marginalised, worst off than we were before independence. Smith developed Mathebeleland far better than Zanu and Mugabe put together. The people who are benefitting from Zanu PF regime in this region are those selected Ndebeles  in the government who enjoy by actually bootlicking the overly old and wrinkled flesh in their loudest pathetic voices!

Mugabe and his henchmen have obviously shown rudeness and carefree attitude when it comes to Gugurahundi atrocities. They are even denying it that it ever occurred; Charamba once said Gugurahundi is a myth in as much as Holocaust of the Jews in Germany is a myth. This insult of the first order cannot go unchallenged. The little the people of Mathebeleland can do is to show their utter disgust by demonstrating near the place of the "birthday bush" and send a strong message that we the people of this region are seriously aggrieved about what took place in the 1980s.

How insensitive to eat cakes while the neighbourhood Mathobo region has no mealie meal to make just a humble sadza/isitshwala: the population in the area is starving!

Please listen to this call to demonstrate, it could be our last chance to put up a rejection of Zanu PF as a party and government: they will soon lose their grip on power when Mugabe dies. Whether Mugabe wants it or not he is going sooner or later, his maker will call him soon and it is long overdue. Let's give Mugabe that rude send off to his grave, show him a middle finger, through a demonstration a lot of silent voices can come out and give him the massage: Voetzek!

This demonstration is a small contribution of reciprocation: we shall never forget those atrocities done to innocent young men women young and old and unborn children ripped off from their mother's wombs. History books will be written. Mugabe will be tried in the Haig dead or alive together with his criminal cabals of the moulds of Nkala and all other criminals who are hiding in their dishonourable graves.

Dear people of Mathebeleland south let's learn to demarcate issues here. We are not fighting the people of Mashonaland. They are equally in trouble although their suffering came late than us. They are crimes against humanity that were committed by the Zanu PF government to the people of Mashonaland too. Crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity are crimes that are measured as absolute in international laws, but they should never be bundled up together. Genocide ipso facto is to be seen as acts of committed with intent to destroy in the whole or in part an ethnic group: the People of Mathebeleland and Zapu members of the party. Crimes against humanity are acts of crimes as part of a wide spread and systematic attack directed against the civilian population

We peoples of Mathebeleland should never spread our anger on people who have of late suffered in greater magnitudes of sufferings and are also suffering equally just like us. We should never fall in their small minded thinking of tribalism; it will perpetuate Zanu destructive way of dividing and ruling them. We cannot afford to fight each other on ethnic grounds, by so doing we shall have fallen into the trap of little thinkers, small minds, of Zanu-tribalism. Those Ndebeles in Zanu PF are loading their stomachs at our expense. They will come back to us when they want the ballot or if there are personally threatened for whatever crimes they committed, they will then cry genocide; Gugurahundi, Ndebele murderers as a cover to protect their skins! Only and nothing beyond!

When Zanu PF is destroyed we shall need to find one another as ethnic groups and work out means to live together as ethnic groups however different but we shall seek to learn to develop into durable  multi-kulti societies: if Germany is doing it successfully,  Zimbabwe will did it too successfully. Multi-culturalism is an in thing in town, lets embrace it: Shona Ndebele and our white population who make our bouquet of flowers that God gave us indeed multi colour, multi-language and multi-ethnic.

The people of Mathebeleland-South please go and demonstrate near the "birthday-bash" venue at Mathobo. That venue is an insult to the people of your area and those that were killed cold-blood by the Fifth Brigade of Zanu PF. You have nothing to lose, you lost lives precious lives long back. It's your last chance to show your disgust to this overly-aged-body that still feeds of cakes in a crudely Mathobo famine area of Mathebeleland. How disgusting!

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Source - Nomazulu Thata
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