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Mfundisi Evan Mawarire: uzaqhobumphafa lapha eZimbabwe! You will wish you stayed in those comforts of USA

04 Feb 2017 at 22:50hrs | Views
Barely a year ago, had you not told us never to fear: hatichatya, asisesabi, Tajamuka, asikijiki! We had trust in you we indeed did not fear: we thought we identified the new leader of the moment: we went to court with you we sang songs of fear and joy: that famous song: Herode sunungura Evan Mawarire. All those high emotive events are still vivid in our minds as it is six months away from here, even if it was ten years ago we would have not forgotten that great event so easily.

Uzaqhoba umphafa lapha eZimbabwe mfundisi! Did you make any due diligence ever topack your bags and come back?  Why do you should show up in Zimbabwe having absconded 24 hours after your release from prison: and without saying bye to your congregation, you sneaked out of the country and you spoke on selfies from the safety streets of South Africa: leaving your followers to dry at the mecy of the CIOs of Zimbabwe? Owakunikezela  ibag lelo ngubani? We are told by various social media you got a special bag to enable you to leave the country. Are you going to know who gave you the bag ever in your life? What was the deal in the bag?

Were you not told to leave Zimbabwe forever and go to a safe place with your family and a heavily pregnant wife? Why are you back again? What are the current conditions now in relation to the bag content you received to leave Zimbabwe forever?  What are the current conditions different from the previous ones six months ago? Don't you think you are a clown, a joke of the February month of 2017?

You told us to believe in this Flag: we did follow the instructions, you told us never to fear again. But you are the one who feared first before we could ever fear!  We remained believing in you even after you had left for the safe streets of USA: you left so many people and your congregation to dry: at the mercy of the CIO of Zanu PF. You absconded leaving us shouting: #This flag: #hatichatya, #asisesabi, #Tajamuka, #asikijiki! We bought the #Flag and to this day it is hanging on our windows as a sign of the new revolution: the founder of it being you: Pastor Evan Mawarire. Ko manje makatya sei nhai vaPastor after those noble slogans you taught us so passionately, we memorized them at every corner of this five continents of the global village.

What makes you thinks we should believe in you again after those empty promises of a big revolution? Are you not going to leave us to dry again like you did previously! Don't you think you are taking us for granted because we have suffered so long, so much?  Did you see in us gullible lot of followers that needed goat-herder: a Sheppard: an educated but simple minded flock sheep that need a Sheppard like you to lead us? Dear Pastor Mawarire, are you fake or authentic? Do you want to use us to seek fame and fortune in the name of the revolution? Do we wonder if Prophets like Magaya make millions out of simple minded Zimbabweans?

Muri kutsvaga mbiri here at our expense dear Pastor Mawarire? Your lot in your founder revolution have shown their colours before the cock could crow three times. Linda Masarira insulted us people of Ndebele ethnic group as cowards! We never got a formal apology because she did not see it to stoop so low and say sorry to the peoples of Mathebelelands for the raw insults she meted on us: raw and unprovoked. Your revolution if we have to call it one, you have never included the peoples of Mathebeleland at all. If anything you have spoken in Shona and English and at no time did you speak in Ndebele to make your cause all inclusive. We the people of Mathebeleland do not feel part of your cause at all. You have never made a single mistake in speaking isiNdebele to include us anyhow. So your revolution is all about the people of Mashonalands and never beyond Harare!

Let me tell you one beautiful fact that lingers in my minds to this day. When MDC-T came to Bulawayo for their yearly celebrations: it was Cd Nelson Chamisa who addressed the people of Mathebeleland as: "Linjani Mthwakazi omuhle!" Even ourselves in the Diaspora, we were excited about this inclusion. I felt addressed in this tantalising and tempting speech from CD Chamisa and it is unforgettable, I felt part of it and them. Again when Cd Joyce Runaida Mujuru came to Bulawayo, she addressed herself as: "Yimi umaNdlovu:" We were excited again about this flattery to the extent of accepting it as authentic. These are seasoned politicians dear Pastor Mawarire. You are a Harare politician and never in Mathebeleland before even in your distant speeches, you never reached us as people.

You are far from this maturity and your young lot dear Pastor Mawarire. You still think politics revolves around Harare and never beyond. I can see you are far from being a true revolutionary dear Pastor Mawarire. And it is for this fact you could make such grand mistake of coming back to Zimbabwe: to do what if you left Harare given a "bag" by an unknown organisation. You underestimate this monster called Zimbabwe CIO. This organisation called Zimbabwe CIO and its activities are the worst in the world: their crudeness, sarcasm, uncouthness, street smart, satanic, barbaric performance leaves organisations like CIA, M16 and Deutsch Nachrichten-Dienst green with envy. Any interaction with CIO of Zimbabwe should never be a hippy- style and dark sun-glasses type of life and a display of pre-hero statues,  because CIO WEAR BLACK SUN-GLASSES EQUALLY ANYWHERE

Are you sure you are going to mobilize our emotions again and follow you to the courts like we did last time? Why did you not consult with all other forces on the ground and the Diaspora? You make my Ex-partner Dzino Wilfred Mhanda turn in his grave. The last time I spoke to him in 2012 before he died he was wary about the youthful current crop of regime changers: we spoke at length about the new crop of revolutionaries we have in our Zimbabwean streets. They fall short of the Che Guevara spirit, far short of the qualities of the revolution itself; at best they are pseudo in their characters and no direction: no self-sacrifice but well calculated instant rewards. Uzaqhoba umphafa ejele Mfundisi if you do not know Zimbabweans well. I bet you don't. I have this feeling you miscalculated your coming big time. You lost the game when you left the country six months ago; you want to capture back what you evidently lost. But this is politics and not academics where there is a chance to repeat the failed exam.

We have a monster out there called Zanu PF. This monster called Zanu PF needs a double monster to fight it successfully and not posh revolutionaries. I was watching Advocate Mahere and Pastor Mawarire at the Harare Airport. Advocate Mahere was taking a selfie with the Pastor wearing izankosi: (a display of heroism with izankosi.) What was vivid and most striking to see was the cutex-polished hand-nails of Advocate Mahere: the Pastor himself was pushing a big stomach well covered in the black and white shirt: evidently from the well-fed coca-cola industry of the New York high-street, fast-foods of MacDonald's products.  I said to myself: are these the men and women revolutionaries of our time? Do they really know the magnitude of the monster they are fighting: Zanu PF?

I suppose that stomach will sustain him the coming 20days in Chikurubi prison. What next: Ngizayicela isivhuthiwe. I give them the benefit of the doubt!

Without becoming too sarcastic about the return of Pastor Mawarire, I personally think it was ill-timed he never consulted enough ever to make a move to return to Zimbabwe. Ucabanga unkthi thina esicatshileyo e 'Diaspora siyizithutha yini? Sise Diaspora ngenxa yokwesaba, sizahamba at the opportune time. Kwabo kwagwala akulasililo. I however wish you health at this point in time. Your prayers will sustain you: I pray for you to remain in one piece in body and spirit: and please prove me wrong big time! Please 'Please!

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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