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Mujuru's ZimPF race for relevance

21 Feb 2017 at 06:13hrs | Views
The launch of Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) two years ago sold a dummy to a section of gullible Zimbabweans, political analysts as well as misguided veterans who viewed the Joice Mujuru-led political outfit as a different political narrative, forgetting that politics is but a mind game.

However, a growing suspicion mounted as it became evident that the newly launched party was a retirement home for expelled ZANU-PF renegades.

Didymus Mutasa, Rugare Gumbo, Bright Matonga, Dzikamai Mavhaire, amongst others who were booted out of the revolutionary party, formed the core of ZimPF.

A brief reading of the names forming the nucleus of ZimPF spelled looming disaster from the onset and to cap it all, Joice Mujuru, another ZANU-PF outcast, led the party!

Recent developments in ZimPF spell out what awaits the electorate in 2018 if they mistakenly choose to align themselves with this confused party.

With Mujuru's inner coterie of kleptocrats masquerading as patriots discarding her the minute they were expelled, and labelling her a confused, emotional and irrational leader, it is plain the level of disorganisation about ZimPF party.

Mujuru, who is believed to have turned into a Judas Iscariot overnight after realising that the party "Elders" intended to topple her and save the party from her confused rule, rushed to expel potential "threats" in an effort to save face and cement her reign.

But what kind of a friend ambushes "a friend" to fortify and soothe one's ego.

It's plain cowardice to crawl in the night to kill an enemy. Why not face them in broad daylight and present a good fight, that way one earns respect for bravery. Instead, Mujuru decided to be calculative and cunning, expelling her unsuspecting followers while they awaited her at the party venue.

The expelled members – Rugare Gumbo, Didymus Mutasa, Margaret Dongo, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, Luckson Kandemiri, Munacho Mutezo and Claudius Makova's – only relevance in the party seems to be party "Elders".

Anyway, who would want to be aligned to old hogs without direction, and conveniently clinging on to what's left of their once "big" names? Apart from that, they all have nothing to offer!

Insiders claimed the party had received a $1,6 million donation towards the 2018 campaign, which Mujuru is believed to have kept to herself, to the elders' discontent.

Another snitch in the party revealed that the postponement of the ZimPF inaugural elective convention last September to this September, has stirred the pot.

As the clock countdown to September continued, serious squabbles and canvassing of leadership positions emerged particularly in the National Standing Committee, leading to the seven casualties who have been shown the door.

So while everyone patiently waited for the congress to determine their fate, there was growing discontent over the presidency, which somewhat seemed uncontested, yet other members felt that there was need for Mujuru to be voted in since she was an interim president, like everyone else in the party, holding interim positions.

Remaining ZimPF bigwigs to reckon with in the party are Sylvester Nguni, Dzikamai Mavhaire, and Marian Chombo who is reportedly seeking to lead the women's wing, and former army brigadier general Aggripa Mutambara who is reportedly eyeing the position of national co-ordinator.

In this tug-of-war conquest, I guess we all just have to adopt a wait and see attitude as the rule of the jungle paves way for survival of the fittest.

Farewell Mujuru! Farewell ma "Elders"!

Welcome ZimPF – Mujuru! And ZimPF -Mutasa! Clearly MDC-T's advice and expertise is taking root in ZimPF's bedroom.

Source - the herald
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