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We 'deserve nonsense Mugabe .... madness must stop now,' says Dzamara - yes but how!

21 Feb 2017 at 10:48hrs | Views
"Zanu PF and its appendages undermine our intelligence but we seem to enjoy their act of mockery. For some mysterious reasons, we seem to enjoy their shenanigans. How we are a gullible audience to their tomfoolery is mind boggling," wrote Patson Dzamara in The Zimbabwean.
"One is therefore tempted to believe that we deserve all this nonsense Mugabe and his minions have been dishing to us. While we engage in our meaningless debates we have become a bunch of spineless cowards and shallow analysts.

"I am afraid that ‘cowards and analysts' won't take us out of this pit of failure and despondency, people who are action oriented will and I choose to be one

Your sense of frustration is palpable. You might be interested to know that you are certainly not one of the herd of "spineless cowards and shallow analysts" because it takes it takes intelligence to see that something is wrong and courage to acknowledge it.

"Insanity," said Albert Einstein, "is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

The insane person will not even notice the folly of their actions, the minute you stop and question the futility of it all; you seize to be insane, you are cured!

You, Dzamara, are one of the few Zimbabweans who have figured it out for themselves the madness of our failed system of government; that is no mean achievement. Sadly, there millions of Zimbabweans who have yet to attain the same level of political enlightenment and many never will!

Mugabe and his minions' tomfoolery have gone beyond being funny, it is causing untold human misery and hundreds of thousands of human lives are being lost unnecessarily. Unemployment has soared to 90%, millions now live in abject poverty and even the most basic services such as health, education and clean running water have all but collapse due to lack of funds, etc. all because of Zanu PF misrule. And yet Mugabe, his family and cronies are loaded with cash.

It is heart breaking that millions of our fellow Zimbabweans are wallowing in misery and burying their died along the way and the penny has not yet dropped so they can see for themselves that this is totally wrong and do something to stop the madness. Zimbabwe's economic and political problems are all man-made and therefore per se are within the power of any other mortal to put right; that is the quantum leap that millions of Zimbabweans have failed to make!

It was out of sheer desperation and not reason, that many Zimbabweans finally accept that Mugabe was a failed leader. The fact that they embraced Morgan Tsvangirai as their alternative leader is proof their actions were guided by desperation and not reason. Tsvangirai has turned out to be breathtakingly incompetent and corrupt.

If these people had asked themselves why Mugabe had been such a total disaster for the nation, they would have realised he was a corrupt and murderous tyrant. They would have kicked themselves for having elected him leader in the first place but, more significant, they would have made sure they never make a similar mistake ever again. They would have never elected Tsvangirai then.

Even now with a mountain of evidence that Tsvangirai and his MDC friends are corrupt and incompetent and that they sold out during the GNU by failing to get even one reform implemented; there is still a herd of wildebeest who still continue to follow them as blindly as ever.

As a nation, we sure have more than our fair share of the mentally challenged. We are in this political and economic mess because a very large number of Zimbabweans are insane and as long as they remain in the looney sin-bin this nation has no chance of ever getting out of this hell-hole.

"This madness must be stopped and we must act decisively now," concluded Dzamara.

If the people were conscious of their madness they will be cure, as I said. Madness is not like a wound which everyone can see and acknowledge; those who are mad do not even know they have the mental affliction.

How are you going to stop these MDC-T supporters, for example, believing Tsvangirai's tomfoolery that the party will stop Zanu PF rigging the 2018 elections even though the party has once again failed to implement even one reform? The same supporters were foolish enough to believe Tsvangirai and company that MDC would win the 2013 elections regardless of the warning this would not happen, not without implementing the reforms first. History is about to repeat itself again and the insane are hoping for a different result!

If we can stop the horde of opposition politicians and their mindless supporters who keep contesting these flawed elections for the selfish purpose of winning the few seats Zanu PF gives away as bait; we will end this vicious circle of Zanu PF rigging elections to retain its tyrannical rule in perpetuity.

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