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Collusion of the MRP with Zanu-PF in tampering and hiding gukurahundi evidence

21 Feb 2017 at 13:41hrs | Views
1. Introduction

For those so-called FACEBOOK supporters of the so-called Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) aka Zimbabwe Republic Party (ZRP) will be assisted by the power of the word which is clearly located within the realm of an African Proverb which states that: 'It is not what you call me, but what I answer to, that matters most'. It was not until I read comments from these Facebook supporters of the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) regarding the critical treatise of the Mthwakazi Restoration Awakening Series that we published a few days ago, that I was shocked to discover the level of blindness in those comments. The combined responses did not answer to the Mthwakazi philosophical discourse which is clearly articulated in Series 4 of our publication. Instead, the combined comments degenerated into name calling highlighting the depth of the psychological impact that the Rule by Conquest of Mthwakazi has had on these so-called Facebook supporters of the MRP (aka ZRP).

2. Facebook Supporters of the so-called MRP (aka ZRP)

Just as the Mthwakazian is hated in Zimbabwe because he has discovered and understood the brutality of the Rule by Conquest and its various evil manifestations including genocide, ethnic cleansing and the now complete implementation of the Zanu-pf Grand Plan throughout the whole of Mthwakazi, it is only when he/she rises to challenge the status quo coupled with the unwavering iron determination to restore Mthwakazi independence and sovereignty that he/she 'brings upon himself a heavy hand of persecution'.

The heavy hand of persecution of the MLF by the so-called supporters of the so-called MRP (ZRP) was clearly evident in all their Facebook comments which were bereft of any single idea. Instead they mirrored those of the Zanu-pf regime, combined with the Zanu-pf establishment that endorses all evil that has been inflicted upon the people of Mthwakazi in totality. Like blind people leading the generally impaired blind people (through no fault of their own), all of these so-called supporters resorted to personal attacks without having READ AND UNDERSTOOD THE DESIGN OF THE ARGUMENT IN THE MTHWAKAZI RESTORATION AWAKENING SERIES 4.

There is nothing wrong with criticism, but criticism must be specific and address the issues that are under scrutiny, and not personalities. Those who do not want their ideas about the future trajectory of Mthwakazi discussed must simply get out of the kitchen. In this political discourse for the Restoration of Mthwakazi it is not the people who are discussed, but the policies and philosophical direction of their organisations without fear, favour or prejudice. Without a lively revelling debate, how can we acquire Mthwakazi?

We apportion no blame to these supporters because it is not their fault to lack critical interrogation and understanding of the Mthwakazi philosophy.  Just like the Zanu-pf supporters who shout slogans of 'pamberi ne Zanu-pf, pamberi ne Robert Mugabe' when this evil regime continues to inflict untold human suffering on the people of Mthwakazi, these so-called Facebook supporters have degenerated into praise singers of the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) without understanding the folly of its policies and the disastrous direction it is taking to confuse the people of Mthwakazi. But if you were to ask each and one of them whether they read and understood the philosophy of Mthwakazi which is outlined by the MLF for their own education and understanding, of course the answer will be a big zero (iqanda).

One of these supporters goes to say, you know 'u Churchill Guduza' ngangi mhlonipha because of his father 'u Makhathini Guduza, but not anymore as I have lost all respect for him'. This comment comes from a youngster who has absolutely no knowledge of my father; he was simply a baby when father walked this earth. His knowledge of my father comprises of hearsay evidence or of what Donald Trump referred to as boys' talk when he was asked about groping a woman. To this young man's surprise, he will be shocked to learn that the Mthwakazi philosophy and direction that I hold was passed on to me by my father.

Makhathini Guduza was never at any one time a Zanu-pf member. Neither was he ever a member of any other political formation in that country apart from Zapu. This is why he was incarcerated by Robert Mugabe at Chikurubi Prison, because even after Zapu was swallowed by Zanu-pf, my father remained steadfast in rejecting the entire capitulation by Zapu. He was one of the longest serving political prisoners who spent 18 years under the Smith's regime and 4 years under Robert Mugabe's regime. He died in exile as a bona-fide Mthwakazian in South Africa having not only fled Mugabe's wretched Zimbabwe, but having also realised the futility of the philosophy of Zapu which ate at the very fabric and flesh of each and every Mthwakazian soul.

Lack of knowledge and understanding is equal to being incarcerated without having committed an offence. It is important for anybody who calls himself/herself Mthwakazian to seek to discover facts instead of innuendos which resemble the direction taken by the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) blind supporters. There is also a friend of mine who accused Robert Mugabe of not according my father Makhathini Bhekisizwe Guduza a hero status following his death. But how could my father be accorded such a status when he was hunted down like a dog by the same regime of Robert Gabriel Mugabe when he was alive? It is for that reason that at his burial, I could not allow anybody from Zanu-pf to speak. It was only Dumiso Dabegwa as former Zapu leader who gave a vote of thanks. The only reason why my father's remains were allowed into the country from South Africa was simply because the Zanu-pf could no longer inflict any more pain to a dead body. It is in terms of the foregoing that I would sincerely like to plead with all Mthwakazians to get their facts right before making fools of themselves.

There is simply no reason why our people, especially all those who are free to think as they are not at home, cannot use this period to liberate their minds. There is nothing wrong with asking questions if you don't know something. The problem is that at most times the so-called supporters not only the Facebook ones of the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) but supporters generally of other political formations do not know that they do not know something (abazi ukuthi abazi). In such a situation it is difficult to assist such people, because they will be blindly, knowing everything. It is only those like myself who know that they do not know other things (abaziyo ukuthi ezinye izinto abazazi) who can be empowered with knowledge. And add salt to injury, to those who think they know everything I turn now to highlight the treasonous behaviour of the MRP (aka ZRP) in tampering with and hiding Gukurahundi forensic evidence in collaboration with the Zanu-pf regime.

3. Tampering with and Hiding of Gukurahundi Forensic Evidence by the MRP

We have learnt and been as well following a number of stories about the involvement of the so-called MRP (aka ZRP), in the reburial of what are believed to be victims of the Gukurahundi genocide, in a few places already in Mthwakazi. Thus far the documentary evidence at our disposal shows the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) being involved in the burial of a certain deceased Nkala believed to be related to the late Enos Mzombi Nkala. Another incident also concerned the burial of a certain deceased person in the area of Matopo. The third case is about the burial of what are also believed to be remains of a victim in Gwanda. This incident was circulated with a picture a great deal on the social media.

It is in terms of the above that we as the Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF) find the behaviour of the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) not only unprecedented but shocking, objectionable, detestable, repulsive, hurtful, distasteful and disgusting to say the least. But why must the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) be involved in such an unprecedented exercise? Exactly what is this misfit MRP trying to hide? Why are they trying to hide evidence of the brutalisation through genocide of the people of Mthwakazi? Were they involved in the killing fields which resulted in the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent Mthwakazians during the Gukurahundi genocide?

If ever one needed proof of why we in the MLF have cautioned everyone about the actual real character of the so-called MPR (aka ZRP), it is this additional role over and above all the others that they are now playing in pursuit of hiding the evidence of the genocide through their so-called burials. They are simply burying the so-called victims without documenting how (if really true) these victims died; what instruments, tools or weapons were used to kill these victims. Did these people for example die through being shot with a gun, decapitated with an axe, strangled to death, suffocated to death, poisoned, buried alive or burnt to death whilst still breathing and so forth?

How on earth therefore will we know how these victims were exterminated from the face of the earth, if all the evidence is now also regarded as chaff that must be washed away by the so-called MRP (aka ZRP)? Who stands to benefit from this exercise? Is it the relatives of the victims; do they find closure after Mqondisi's team has hidden the remains of their relatives with cement? What is the motivation behind this unprecedented scenario? Why must the so-called MRP play around with people's emotions? Is it because like Zanu-pf they want to be popular at any expense? We are aware that Zanu-pf unleashed the death squads in Mthwakazi not only to conquer us, but to enslave us as well as to expel us from our country through genocide and ethnic cleansing. Why then must Mqondisi and his team assist the Zanu-pf regime in getting rid of the evidence?

If at all this behaviour is consistent with ignorance then we should be vindicated by viewing the leadership of the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) as kindergarten kids. In terms of which the commentaries from their Facebook supporters will equally be true in saying that the leadership of the MLF is comprised of mature older people, because wisdom does enable leaders to think with the benefit of hindsight and experience. Kids are not good for anything other than playing and being taken care of by their parents. It is their parents who must think how they are going to feed them, how they are going to clothe them, how they are going to take them to school, how they are going to take them on holidays and visitation trips to their extended family and friends and how they are going to discipline them.

4. The infliction of the International Crime of Genocide against Mthwakazi

There is no mature adult who comes from the ranks of Mthwakazi who can engage in the concealment of evidence relating to the slaughter of his/her people by the Gukurahundi killers.  The truth is always there and the challenge is how to find it. In the case of the crimes against humanity, the crimes against the people of Mthwakazi and most all the INTERNATIONAL CRIME OF GENOCIDE, it is the responsibility of the regional and international forensic experts to uncover, document, record and report on the scale of this crime. For this to happen, the Zanu-pf regime needs to acknowledge for all the whole world to know that it is responsible for that crime. Obviously, the Zanu-pf will not do that unless they are pressured by the people of Mthwakazi and the world community at large.   

From this internal and world community the next step would be to appoint an international team of forensic and anthropological experts to undertake a thorough investigation in order to establish the actual scale of the slaughter of the people of Mthwakazi. We in the MLF have argued against the most quoted figure of 20,000. This is an arbitrary figure as no investigation has ever taken place. We do not even know what informs such a figure. For all we know Zanu-pf can turn around and put the number at three (3), meaning those who have been reburied by Mqondisi's team, as the actual number of the dead who perished under the Gukurahundi.

This is why a thorough investigation is required in order to establish exactly how many people perished. We in the MLF have put estimates to be in hundreds of thousands, for the simple reason that the length of period in which the Gukurahundi was present in Mthwakazi and killing every single minute without a break was well over a six year period. It has to be remembered that during this six year period the main job of the Gukurahundi was to exterminate and not befriend the people of Mthwakazi.

This investigation in turn would document the methods of killing that were employed by the Zanu-pf regime. It is not for Mqondisi and his kindergarten squad to temper or hide the evidence of the genocide against the people of Mthwakazi. We in the MLF have written extensively on the question of the infliction of genocide against the people of Mthwakazi. We had the benefit that some of our colleagues started writing about this matter as early as 1990 right up to the year 2000 until this date.

Throughout this documentation regarding the infliction of genocide against the people of Mthwakazi, we have written to the International Court of Justice at the Hague, the United Nations Secretary General, various human rights organisation such the Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the Geneva based organisation on Disappeared Groups and Persons, other Non- Governmental Groups,  Church organisations throughout the world, Heads of States within and outside Africa, the European Union, and other influential organisations.

The intention of this correspondence from the beginning until this very day has always been to bring about conducive conditions in which the conducting of such an investigation led by a Team of Regional and International Forensic and Anthropological experts would be possible. After all these experts would not only uncover the methods of killing that were employed but they would even uncover the approximate time of death of these victims. How do they do that when Mqondisi and his ZRP are hell-bent on concealing and destroying the evidence?

Nearly all Mthwakazi political groups from the Matebeleland Writer's Assocaition to Imbovane Ya Mahlabezulu, uMhlahlo We Sizwe and many others such as the MAGGEM 2000 and the MLF who came before this ZRP misfit have all pressured the regional and international community to institute investigations against the Zanu-pf regime in the commitment of genocide against the people of Mthwakazi. As a matter of fact it was this concerted pressure alone that compelled Robert Gabriel Mugabe to come close to admitting responsibility by invoking insanity when he summarised the whole devastating genocide as a 'moment of madness'. Robert Mugabe did not concede that he was responsible for the killing fields that decimated the people of Mthwakazi, but merely that what happened in Mthwakazi was a case of insanity presumably from his part and Zanu-pf.

All these Mthwakazi organisations who existed many years even before the MLF was founded, understood that it was taboo (kuyazila) to take any other route other than the one that would uncover the true scale of the Mthwakazi tragedy as inflicted by the Zanu-pf regime of Robert Gabriel Mugabe. Even those who were arguing about the establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Committee/ or Commission (TRC) along the lines of South Africa, understood clearly well that as part of the Terms of Reference for such a commission, an appointment of independent regional and international forensic and anthropological experts was a necessary prerequisite.

Even the most seasoned Zimbabwean politicians of Mthwakazi origin such as the late Zapu leader Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo, the current Zapu leader Dr Dumiso Dabengwa and the MDC leader Professor Welshman Ncube did not, and could not under any circumstances contrived or otherwise, engage in similar activities of the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) in concealing and covering up the Gukurahundi genocide forensic evidence with cement.  A crime scene is simply that, a crime scene. It must be protected before the collection and documentation of the evidence.

Any tampering of evidence does not stand the test of scrutiny in any court of law. It is simply inadmissible for the simple fact that it has been tampered with. The so-called MRP is not a state in Mthwakazi. That is the responsibility of the Zanu-pf regime which is ruling Mthwakazi, as a proxy of Britain by Conquest. After all, it is the Zanu-pf regime which is responsible for inflicting genocide on the population of Mthwakazi.

Unless of course the so-called MRP is a responsible party to the Genocide, it would mean they know exactly how many people were killed, where they were killed and by whom they were killed. There has never been a case anywhere in the world where anybody can take responsibility for the burying of those that they did not kill. We have seen the modus operandi of documentaries of insane monsters like serial killers how they kill and bury their victims in shallow graves. Whenever the investigating authorities look for such victims in the woods assisted by volunteers they at sometimes discover such shallow graves. At times it does take an informant or indeed the confession of such a serial killer for such graves to be discovered. At either case, the authorities do not simply remove or rebury that body; they conduct a thorough investigation that includes an autopsy to determine how such a person was killed as well as the time of death before they can hand over the remains to the victim's family for reburial.

In the case of the so-called MRP aka ZRP they have really overstepped the bounds of human decency. The surviving members, including the victims themselves need justice and a sense of closure. It is only through the prosecution of those responsible for the Genocide that such victims would find justice and only then can the survivors move on with their lives. But the so-called MRP is preventing exactly that by enlarging the already bleeding wounds. They are playing God with the lives of the victims of Genocide. Soon they may tell us just like Pastor Mboro that they too are dining with God in  heaven.

Of crucial importance to establish is the criteria that, the so-called MRP used to determine if indeed the remains that they have buried are those of the Gukurahundi genocide. Which measurement did they use, especially given that most of the leadership of the so-called MRP were babies when the most ghastly crimes were committed against the Mthwakazi population? Some of them were not born. We would therefore assume that if indeed such remains belong to the victims of genocide, that such information was pointed out to the so-called MRP by none other than the Zanu-pf regime

5. Benefits of Hindsight and Wisdom
We in the MLF have appropriately labelled the so-called MRP as the ZRP in actual effect. Why? Firstly, simply because there is no know pattern that they fit into historically and contemporarily. We have argued that there has never been a REPUBLIC in Mthwakazi historically and that it is only in Zimbabwe where this terminology emerged in 1980.

Secondly, there has never been any Mthwakazi formation since the founding of the Matebeleland Writers Association (MAWA) many years ago to this very day that has vehemently been hell-bent against the true Mthwakazi Restoration Agenda than the so-called MRP. Thirdly, that all the Mthwakazi formations since MAWA have not at any time sought to engage in unprecedented taboos (ukuzila) in such a scale as to bury the EVIDENCE of the VICTIMS of GENOCIDE with Cement.

Fourthly, there has never been any Mthwakazi formation since MAWA that has embraced the Zanu-pf regime, yet pretending otherwise like the so-called MRP. Fifthly, the adage that says indlela ibuzwa kwaba phambili has never been embraced by the so-called MRP, because had they done that they would not had wanted to pursue the empty politics of populism at the expense of REALISM.

Fifthly, if they did not want to seek advice from Mthwakazian elders, they could at least had, had interrogated the question of Mthwakazi sufficiently to understand the philosophy behind the RESTORATION AGENDA. This agenda is not about being popular; it is about the understanding of the deep-seated pain in all the people of Mthwakazi.  Lastly, it is this failure in understanding the philosophy of Mthwakazi that they only qualify to be a Zimbabwe Republic Party (ZRP), after all, they will be participating in the election determined by Zanu-pf, run by Zanu-pf, controlled by Zanu-pf, policed by Zanu-pf, administered by Zanu-pf and whose results will be announced not by the MRP but by Zanu-pf in Zimbabwe and not in Mthwakazi.

There has not been an election yet in Mthwakazi. It will take place only after the Restoration of Mthwakazi sovereignty. The elections so far that have been held are in a country called Zimbabwe. It will be folly to advice people otherwise. The ZRP (aka MRP) has reduced our country into what they call a region. This again is not true because Mthwakazi has been ruled from inception though the Rule by Conquest as country. It has never been, neither will it be a region in the future. It is the country whose borders remain internationally recognised having been signed for by our Kings, respectively King Lobengula and his predecessor King Mzilikazi.

As the MLF, with people who participated in the struggle Not for Mthwakazi, but for Zimbabwe, we have that benefit of hindsight, of knowing how things can turn into something unbelievably strange and beyond the people's imagination for freedom, equality and justice. Of course, some of us are old today, but we have that benefit of hindsight of having seen our comrades fighting gallantly and heroically for a pie in the sky. By that time just like the leadership of the ZRP aka MRP, some of us were young and believed everything that those who led us told us, about the higher goal of liberating a country called Zimbabwe, which in turn vomited us with genocide and ethnic cleansing willy-nilly.

With the benefit again of hindsight and experience, we in the MLF who are old enough are acutely aware that kids who play with fire will definitely burn, hence our untiring effort to advice accordingly. That last enduring advice, if at all the kids will listen is to please stop this tampering with and hiding of the Gukurahundi evidence. It is not your take. It is the responsibility of those who exterminated our Mthwakazi population without mercy not for any other reason other than that they were people of Mthwakazi. Today we are already at the fall of February 2017; soon the 2018 election in Zimbabwe will come and go.

We can only hope that the Facebook supporters will waste no time in going to Zimbabwe and register under the Zanu-pf voters roll so as to vote for their party, the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) instead of winging and making useless noise on Facebook that is not backed up by their convictions and actions. We will still be around to witness the momentous reverberations in which once again the people of Mthwakazi and especially the Restoration Agenda will be ridiculed by the Zanu-pf regime and the believers in an entity called Zimbabwe.

6. The so-called MRP (aka ZRP) as a Creature of Habit

We can only hope that the so-called MRP as a 'creature of habit' who likes to 'take advantage of every situation' including burying the victims of the Gugurahundi to the 'present time of trying to demean' the MLF by saying it is not working will avoid the situation of 'invariably giving' Zanu-pf the and the Shona people in general the satisfaction of feeling a superiority over the people of Mthwakazi. It is in terms of this closing remark that we hope the so-called MRP will also have a benefit of hindsight after making Zanu-pf and the Shona people feel superior over the Mthwakazi people. With regard to tampering with evidence the leadership of the so-called MRP aka ZRP is strongly cautioned to stop this practice forthwith.

There is no need for any explanation or justification as there will come a stupid day when this evidence will be needed in order to prosecute all those responsible for the crimes against humanity in Mthwakazi. In the case of the Jews, the evidence pertaining to the gas chambers and other death camps continues to be used not only in hunting down those responsible but in also bringing them to book, scores of years after the genocide. That is the justice that the fallen victims of Mthwakazi require in spite of the lapse of time since the infliction of genocide on them. This is the torch that needs to be passed on until Mthwakazi's sovereignty and the justice of its people both the departed and living has been achieved.

7. Conclusion

As a parting shot, those interested in knowing what the MLF is all about and what it intends to do in Mthwakazi, are accordingly referred to a number of documents that we have crafted that clearly articulate our position, from the Chitawa Declaration, the SONA which addresses the socio-economic, political and cultural aspirations, and the partitioning of Mthwakazi into distinctive Federal States. All these documents contain a clear cut unimpeded direction for Mthwakazi. We have discussed the question of citizenship and the financial sovereignty that Mthwakazi will have, and at the same time clearly outlawed any form of Genocide and ethnic cleansing against any ethnic group including the Shona people in Mthwakazi.

It is for you to read and interrogate these documents and assist us with comments that would further solidify our vision for Mthwakazi. Without your comments, we cannot claim any superior knowledge, but just work in progress. Finally, we would want to learn of the kind of Mthwakazi that the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) has in store for our people and not this treasonous behaviour of tampering with the Gukurahundi forensic evidence and the tendency to hijack any programme that comes their way. Clearly, as can be seen from the course of this submission, we have answered to what matters, and not what you call us, as it relates to the never ending habit of the so-called MRP aka ZRP of seeking to take advantage of every situation, and in so doing has without any shadow of doubt COLLUDED with the ZANU-PF regime is tampering with and hiding the Gukurahundi forensic evidence.

Finally, as we stand up to the real values and moral codes of the Restoration Agenda for Mthwakazi, we are bound to conclude that the money that the MRP (aka ZRP) uses for the cement and the reburials comes directly from those who have an unfettered motivation of hiding the evidence of the killing fields in Mthwakazi, and these can only be the killers within the Zanu-pf regime of Robert Gabriel Mugabe as it is in their best interests to hide such evidence.

The question that the MRP (aka ZRP) has to answer is what it is that is motivating it to break all cultural norms, patterns, practices and behaviours of the entire society of Mthwakazi by engaging in such abhorrent, unimaginable and unprecedented stance, of seeking to tamper with and hide the Gukurahundi forensic evidence of such importance and magnitude?
This Series has been Compiled by Mpiyesizwe Churchill Guduza who holds a PhD, from the London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London Britain, the Colonial Power of Mthwakazi

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