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'You are spot on Dr Guduza, MRP yinkunzi'

22 Feb 2017 at 08:41hrs | Views

Normally two bulls can't be put in one kraal, it is wise and advisable to keep the best, naturally the younger is the best. This explains better "inkunzi series".

To all MRP members, where ever you are, may you please give to yourselves a round of applause. You have done well, and from today onwards you are nicknamed "INKUNZI EMNYAMA YAKWAMTHWAKAZI" as alluded to by the leanerd Guduza .

Therefore it is of Paramount importance to understand that "Inkunzi series" penned by Dr Churchill Guduza and Professor Nyoni means good to the party's publicity and we wish it to continue up to a 1000 to advantage our preparations for elections.

 Dr Guduza and Prof Nyoni are simply acknowledging that MRP is the current Bull of choice in Mthwakazi and that kind of endorsement from a doctor and Professor is what the party of choice MRP requires at this juncture.

You will come to realise that ever since the "Inkunzi series" started MRP has not lost a single member instead gained more popularity. It has become more popular to an extent that all political parties have resorted in discussing us.  (Inxaha oxford igijima ingaqedi).  

 Usually when a new bull come to age, the old one is either sold or slaughtered, to avoid unnecessary conflict in the kraal. Mostly the old one will be tired and with no strength at all.

The rules of politics are very simple, it is a game of numbers. The concept is very simple, do good you will have a following. Therefore like all other scholars the Guduza faction of MLF thinks that because they are educated they have to couch others. NO sir it doesn't work in that way. Always listen to what people want. In fact most African schoolers are not good in politics ending up being relegated to newspaper columnists.

The reason is very simply, they tend to tell people what to do, while we prefer to listen to the people. Ask Doctor Thabo Mbeki and crew they tried it against President Jacob Zuma and he outsmarted them. Why?, because his shield is the people not some little quotes from ancient novels.

MRP believes in people, we listen to people and  try and solve where possible. The Shona people told Tsvangirai that Mugabe must go, Mthwakazi people also told MRP that their main problem is Shona people, because they are taking everything in Matabeleland, our jobs, minerals, land to mention but a few.

MRP responded as they were lamenting and according to our understanding what possibly may save Matabeleland is political power. Thank God we already have the political power as acknowledged by Dr Guduza when he said "sizinkunzi".

In fact, Dr Guduza and Prof Chrispen Nyoni have always been our potential members and I have since invited them to join us. The laws of the game are simply, "if you can't beat them join them".  I have since put them as my media subcommittee and their responsibility will be to ensure the continuity of inkunzi series until next election.

The problem with my learnerd Cdes is that they use the Martin Lurther King manual to run politics and we prefare the povo manual down there in "simbumbumbu" one of our rural village of Matabeleland as opposed to reading books written in Britain and so forth.

Its not everything done in America and Britain that resemble *Simbumbumbu" village in Mthwakazi. Let the bull shine!!!
Doctor Churchill Guduza is not as smart as he want people to think and I would assure you he can't match any of our members. Politically he is too junior to us. We make things happen while he awaits our move to start complaining.

Guduza calls us lunatics and denigrating our leader Mqondisi Moyo make us strong. Real Doctors will not waste time on useless things.  What makes him write a 22 page attack on Mqondisi Moyo and MRP?. "MRP yinkunzi yangempela"

For peace and justice in our life time.

Mbonisi Gumbo MRP secretary for information and publicity

Source - Mbonisi Gumbo
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