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Gukurahundi 2 is approaching

25 Feb 2017 at 10:15hrs | Views

Forced closure of schools in Bulawayo and some other parts of Matabeleland South to pave way for the celebrations of a long term ruler and oppressor is an indication of that Gukurahundi part 2 is coming.

This is not only violation of learner's rights only.It shows how much the regime hates Mthwakazi people who are from Matabeleland and Bulawayo.

ZANU has managed to brainwash our own Mthwakazi people, use them to fight against each, use money to pay other Mthwakazi people so that they treat other Mthwakazians as animals.

ZANU has managed to draft a grand plan which caused a never ending division between the Shonas and Ndebeles.

Now the regime forced to have celebrations of that they had destroyed  Matabeleland,they combined it with Mugabe birthday celebrations and they succeeded.They continue  disturbing lessons.

Even an infant can see that ZANU is evil

The day will come where the Walls of Jericho falls down, a day where the dead will rise against ZANU ,a day where the blind will see, where the mute will speak, where the disabled will be healed ,a day where Zimbabwe will be led by a responsible government with ministers who are not corruption.

A day where democracy will start being recognized. A day where people will be not treated like animals.

A new Zimbabwe.All citizens need to be strong and say no to oppression, no to abuse and violation of human rights.For how long shall we suffer.

Sikhumbuzo Moyo is a ZAPU member writing on his private capacity. He is not writing on behalf of his party

Source - Sikhumbuzo Moyo.
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