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Hell hath no fury like 'political elders' scorned

27 Feb 2017 at 14:36hrs | Views
…. as Mutasa, Gumbo forages like headless chicken

Battle lines were drawn when Zimbabwe People First (Zim PF)'s interim president Joice Mujuru expelled the founding members, but did she realize the vengeance she culminated in her former disciples?

The recent 'Queen Bee' drama which started off as mere political talk, has taken a new twist with Didymus Mutasa and Rugare Gumbo foraging in all directions hoping to stumble on something to nail Mujuru down.

Doctorate holder Mujuru's  sympathy and campaign gimmick a forty night ago when she tagged Zim PF 'elders' as sex scavengers targeting her, is soon to turn into a nightmare following Mutasa and Gumbo teaming up to retaliate by blasting the widow with a USD $5 million defamation lawsuit.

Mujuru's utterances perceived to have been precipitated by a desperate attempt to lure sympathy from the female constituency (who are more susceptible to a similar ordeal), has resulted in this dog eat dog scenario, which has seen weary Gumbo being dragged into the mud by rowdy Mutasa who is already rotting in a web of debts owing to unwarranted lawsuits.

Mutasa, who seem obsessed with the habit of shaming and embarrassing his former leaders, lives a lot to be desired. The wheel of fate took a complete circle earlier this month, when Mutasa's Umwinsdale home was ravished by police and the Sherriff department seizing his property for failure to pay up a USD $26 000 lawyer's debt.

This $26 000 debt culminated after Mutasa lost a court case against unfair dismissal from ZANU PF, again a similar scenario likely to surface today as he seeks to redress his ego issues by suing Mujuru  over defamation of character.

Despite Mujuru's failure to explicitly spit names of the former stalwarts, Gumbo and Mutasa have come out guns blazing accusing Mujuru of working with the central intelligence organization in an effort to discredit her potential supporters; questioning her political and social standing by labeling her as politically ignorant and dull, and now slapping her with a defamation law suit; what else remains in the bag? One wonders.

Surely hell hath no fury than a woman scorned, the bruised elders seem determined to leave no stone unturned in their retribution quest.

To quote Mujuru, ad verbatim: "I want you to Google then advise each other. They said Mai Mujuru, we want you to be our queen bee. I was supposed to mate with all the men in the party. I was supposed to be their wife," she said.

Mujuru merely accused the whole group of party 'elders' whom she had expelled for seeking to turn her into a sex slave, after proposing that she becomes the opposition party's "queen bee", without citation of specific names, alas this defamation lawsuit. I am sure they know each other better!

Since the disintegration of the party, Mutasa and Gumbo seem be at pain to discredit Mujuru at any given opportunity, choosing to embarrass her for discordant decoding of the queen bee concept, and shallow understanding of political dichotomy and processes, a case Mujuru is yet to prove otherwise since fellow scribes ascribe to the ZimPF leader as being politically naïve.

Problems confronting ZimPF have become significantly worse since the implosion of the ZimPF, to borrow from Chinua Achebe, 'things are falling apart, the centre cannot hold.'

However, Mujuru promised to retaliate by warning Gumbo and Mutasa that more is coming their way. "We want the world to know who they are in reality…. They are just small old boys in bigger people's robes," said Mujuru's spokesperson.

Pitiably Zim PF has become fragmented in its infancy, becoming Mujuru's pastime bedroom office and the elders' war zone. One typical characteristic of opposition political parties in Zimbabwe, they always end up fragmented.

Source - Patience Rashai
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