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Open letter to Dr Guduza - 'Stop dividing the people of Mthwakazi'

04 Mar 2017 at 07:59hrs | Views
Dear Dr Mpiyesizwe Churchill Guduza 

Re: Your Open letter to Ngqabutho Nicholas Mabhena - In defence of the Mthwakazi restoration philosophy

May you please accept my fraternal greetings.

It is with due respect and decorum that I respond to your attack, not on Ngqabutho Nicholas Mabhena but rather, very seriously and with grave concern on Dr Joshua Mqabuko Kanyongolo Nkomo.

I will not comment on the Mthwakazi restoration philosophy except to observe that you are doing a lot of disservice to it. The politics of posturing and exhibitionism will not take the cause anywhere.

A people divided cannot prosecute an effective struggle. Stop dividing the people of Mthwakazi by rendering them enemies against each other.

Turning to the immediate bone of contention, I wish to make you appreciate that the problem of the people of Mthwakazi did not start with Dr Nkomo.

They started off with their eminent King Mzilikazi ka Matshobana. His solution was to run up north as you know.

His son's solution, King Lobengula ka Mzilikazi; when confronted by the British colonialists was to stand and fight. When defeated by superior technology, he ran across the Tshangane River and disappeared.
He left a burden on your head and shoulders ka Guduza, he never surrendered. Zilokhu zi jamelene kuze kube lamhla.

Dr Nkomo and Chief Khayisa Ndiweni dealt with the situation the best way they thought they could. They were both obviously out witted and defeated. The overwhelming evidence in this regard is that we are still where we were yesterday.

For you, in light of all this to stand up and blame the situation on Dr Nkomo is not only irrational but downright offensive.

No, ka Guduza, you do not convict a man on such a very serious charge on hearsay evidence.

It is reported this, it is reported that; by who? Would the imperialists ever make a favourable report about their arch enemy in this part of the world? Were the Rhodesian forces and the ZANLA forces not operating in cahoots against the ZIPRA forces in 1980? Why do you think the British and the whole western world remained silent throughout the genocide in Mthwakazi?

Don't be naive Dr Guduza.

Then you say Dr Nkomo could have walked away with Southern Rhodesia at the dissolution of the Federation had he wanted to.

If he had not wanted to walk away with Southern Rhodesia, why did he go to war?

Do you understand that there was a difference between Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland as colonies run by governors and Southern Rhodesia as a self governing colony run by a prime minister?

Where do you think Ian Smith and the Rhodesian army came from?

You read a lot of unfounded facts into history and draw a great deal of unsubstantiated conclusions from it.

One wonders aloud, if you spend so much time gathering ammunition against Dr Nkomo, when do you strategize against the real enemy?

God forbid.

Dobha e zakho ka Guduza, unga catshi ngo munwe.

Dr Themba Bekezela Hwalima

Source - Dr Themba Bekezela Hwalima
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