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Chiyangwa got it, and you can as well get it

17 Mar 2017 at 09:57hrs | Views
Yes it was football on the whole continent but the man hats off to him he has proved to be one of the business tycoons who has the guts to challenge anything in his life. What Chiyangwa wants he will always get it. When Chiyangwa said he was going for ZIFA presidency many people doubted him, in fact no one took him seriously, but he got it, when he said he is going for COSAFA presidency many doubted and he got it, he went unchallenged, and when he said he will bring Hayatou down many said he is day dreaming, and Chiyangwa did it and he brought the man down as we speak CHIYANGWA GOT IT. We have so many cowards in life who are afraid to challenge their own destiny yet victory is in your own hands.

What Chiyangwa Wants He Will Always Get It

Politics aside, let's articulate facts as they are. I have been following Chiyangwa closely from the time he took over from Affirmative Action Group (AAG) many people doubted this guy thinking he is just a day dreamer but he did wonders in his own. He was at the helm of AAG and that is the time, AAG was very famous with the likes of Peter Pamire and others. How he got there is also another question but when he wants something he will always get it. He went on to establish several companies in the name of black empowerment and he was very successful. He is one of the few politicians who have gone to different trades be it politics, business and sports. He is the jack of all trades. He is a property mogul. Don't be surprised to see world cup or AFCON coming to Zimbabwe. Wait and see as soccer events are unfolding in Africa.

Chiyangwa Is Always on the Ground

Problem with many people is that you always talk whilst in the terraces. You have to come down and face the bull, face to face. The scenario between Chiyangwa with Hayatou was very tricky. Had Hayatou been defeated he was going to take Chiyangwa down, what then it means was Chiyangwa was putting his COSAFA and ZIFA presidency at risk. He was busy talking to people. Many people will say Chiyangwa was using money, yes off course he is right when you want something you have to sacrifice for your own resources come voting day you will get what you want. People are always on media, social media, what's app, twitter and Skype, when you want something in life you have to sweat and prove that you are a man. Determination is very important. Life requires extra hard working and also good targets in life.

Victory Requires Resources and Dertemination

You can never expect miracles in life without determination and resources. Anything you want to achieve in life, be it academic or election victory or any achievement it requires hard working and resources. It's good that you set your goals with your own pace, make your own assessments and be calculative and you will make it. You have to sacrifice not to just buck in the terraces, prove that you can make it, mobilize resources and people must see you on the ground working and they should know that each time you open your mouth, something serious is coming.

Open Your Mouth With Wisdom

Each time Chiyangwa opens his mouth many doubt him but when he opens his mouth something big is coming. That's Chiyangwa for you. When he told people that he was going for ZIFA presidency many people doubted him, they even castigated him in newspapers, online media but he told people that I will be at the helm of ZIFA anytime soon when elections were held he got what he said. When people were busy rubbishing ZIFA problems he went quite, but when he held his first press conference at ZIFA house all enemies went quiet and they had nothing to argue. When the time for COSAFA presidency came he challenged it and he got it, he told the media before leaving for South Africa that he will bring the COSAFA presidency home, many people thought Chiyangwa was dreaming, that Chiyangwa for you.

When You Want Victory, It's Not a Walk over There Are Many Hayatous in Life

Defeating a person like Hayatou who has been at the helm of CAF presidency for two decades was not easy. It only wanted the former Zanu Pf Mashonaland West Chairman province to go for it. When Chiyangwa told Hayatou that he was going for him many people warned Chiyangwa that he was putting himself at risk. Hayatou hit back at Chiyangwa by bringing the name of the game in disrepute. That did not dare Chiyangwa, what he wanted was to make sure that Hayatou is out. Despite threats from CAF Chiyangwa never stopped, he campaigned for the Madagascar man openly. In fact he was the first person to attack Hayatou telling him to go to hell, because he had overstayed his welcome at CAF. Many presidents were moving with their tales between their legs forgetting that there is man in Zimbabwe called Chiyangwa. It only waited for Chiyangwa a man from Mash West to defeat someone who was at the helm of CAF for 29 years.

Leadership Should Be Rotational

Hayatou messed up for himself in life. In fact he has brought himself down. Do well, and be good always and make sure give the button to others, or pass the button to others, leave power for others whilst people still love you. I have great respect for Nelson Mandela the most powerful African Icon MADHIBHA, he gave it to others to preserve your own legacy. This is a lesson to others be it in the church, corporate world, Governments of today, SADC, COMMESA, AFRICA UNION, EU, USA, ECOWAS, it is very important to realise that there are also better people, with better ideas than you. Leadership should be rotational to preserve your legacy and image. Hayatou faced his biggest embarrassment in his life when he was being dressed down by the little known Chiyangwa for today and others, and in front of cameras, media fisted on him.

Hard Working Is Important

Despite Chiyangwa s past I like the man for one thing he is really a hard working person. What Chiyangwa wants he will always get it. It took Chiyangwa only a year to occupy influential posts in the African continent and the region at large. The man is hard working. Remember he is a property mogul and has interests in mining, Agriculture and other sectors of the economy. Most business people, they always complain and heaping praises on others instead of building their own empires. One has to go an extra mile in order to achieve positive results.

Be Connected and Infiltrate Them when You Want to Register a Victory

This man who hails from Mash West is one of the intellectuals in the country, very calculative, and he knows were to hit, when he strikes he gets it, that's Chiyangwa for you. He knows his target, the moment he strikes the hen he knows all the sprays will scatter, that what he did to Hayatou and others. He does not mix his words, when he strikes, he hits very hard, you will have to feel the pinch. Chiyangwa is good at infiltrating, studying from within and he will know your weaknesses and loopholes, he did that with ZIFA, COSAFA and CAF at the same time, he knew their weaknesses once he infiltrated it was easy for him to strike. Don't strike when it is too early.

Bringing the Fifa President in Zimbabwe

The man flew to Zimbabwe on a chartered plane. When Chiyangwa said he will bring him to Zimbabwe people dismissed him, but many were shocked when they saw the FIA president walking in the HICC, and people knew that the maverick business man is no a joke in Africa he meant his words. Without wasting much time, the FIFA boss stood up to give a solidarity speech behind Chiyangwa. Chiyangwa brought not only FIFA presidents but more than 34 Presidents for a birthday bash imagine.

When You Want Something Be a Strategic Person

Chiyangwa used a very simple method, he organized a campaign platform in the name of "BIRTHDAY BASH" and there is nothing that Hayatou could do. He even tried to stop the event but many knew it was a birthday, but behind the birthday bash there was a strong sword for Hayatou which was going to bring Hayatou down on the 16th of March 2017, that Chiyangwa for you dismiss him at your own cost and at your peril. Be strategic such that when your enemy strike you have nothing to fear besides that he had FIFA boss behind him. Flying FIFA Boss with a chartered plane is not a joke. In fact well done PHIDZA YOU HAVE done us proud in Zimbabwe, this is historic I tell you.

Academics, youths, business people, executives, scientists and strategists can draw some lessons from this football gaffer.

Hats off Phidza
(M.A Development Studies University of Lusaka Zambia)

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo writes in his personal capacity as the Director of MINDS- Mentorship Institute of National Development and Sustainability. He is a development consultant and does capacity development and Institutional building. He can be contacted at

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