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NPP - tale of a stillborn party chaos rock Mujuru's backyard

07 Apr 2017 at 17:05hrs | Views
Opposition politics in Zimbabwe have remained a calculated cash cow gimmick for many, ever since opposition leaders lustfully noted the desperation by foreigners to dethrone the current ruling party, leading to even those in the lowest echelons of political society to entertain dreams of forming political parties.

This trend has equally cascaded to ambitious political losers who still hallucinate of a political career in Zimbabwe, after getting the boot from the ruling party but these dreamers should consult their predecessors its cold outside of Zanu PF.

Joyce Mujuru is no exception to this political disillusionment which has seen her wishful thinking leading her to impetuously form two political parties in two years!

When all thought that (Zimbabwe People First) Zim PF's stillbirth gave Mujuru a wakeup call on the realities of the harsh political world, yet again, she delved into the deep for another catch, forming the now collapsing National People's Party (NPP).

Utterances by Mujuru's former conspirators Mutasa and Gumbo on her lack in leadership qualities and high levels of incompetence were received with a pinch of salt since the two ‘elders' were perceived to be disgruntled members. However, their prudence seems relevant following the chaos which recently rock Mujuru's backyard, on her watch.

Hardly, a month after formation of NPP, the party has managed to rock the airwaves for all the wrong reasons with the recent being the resignation by Jealousy Mawarire from his position as the party's spokesperson, hardly a week after he flooded the media over a public fight with Gift Nyandoro.

The two spokespersons engaged in an embarrassing public fight, wrestling for power and relevance in their new political party dispensation as their misunderstanding arose from where to draw the lines between personal and party spokesperson duties, something which Mujuru should have simply preside over if she was astute as she want the electorate to believe.

A leader's ability to lead can easily be gauged through one's way of handling simple internal party politics, something which Mujuru has successfully managed to prove incapable of.

How then can one entrust her with a nation.
Rumors over Mujuru's ineptitude and paucity of leadership have been constantly echoed in the media, are now adjoined by NPP's torn public image.

Apart from being a former vice president, does Mujuru really have anything else to offer?
Supporters who have allowed themselves to be lured by Dr Mujuru seem to have warmed up to the idea of her being a former vice president than anything else.

In Mawarire's resignation letter, he cited that he was resigning after considerable reflection on the party politics.

Quoting from Mawarire's resignation letter, "Nyandoro whom you are aware had been showing thuggish behavior even during national executive committee meetings that you chaired, wherein he has threatened fellow national members with physical harm or taking them to satanic realm…. Such behavior hasn't been condemned even when it happened in your full view during meetings that you chaired was, to me, bad…" he bemoaned.

This begs the question, why is Mujuru retaining such a person, worse off in an office where he manages her public image?

Keeping such a thug who has been bulldozing his way into recognition through bullying and threatening fellow party members speaks volumes of the leader who condone such behavior, lest we conclude she believes in the same intimidating ideology.

What then does this mean to the electorate about Mujuru's personality and the future of such a party which has been groomed out of intimidation and violence?

Mawarire's resignation is but the beginning of yet another exodus of party members from NPP, similarly to what happened with Zim PF.

Who then will Mujuru lead? Mujuru is one political illusionist who needs to consider leaving the political arena altogether and focus on managing the vast estate she was left by the passing on of her husband.
My advice to Mujuru leave politics whilst you still have face, the falling of your deck of cards will only get worse.

Source - Rungano Dzikira
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