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Dokora's Muslim syllabus

10 Apr 2017 at 11:34hrs | Views

The diaspora was surprised to learn from the Primary and Secondary Education Minister, Lazarus Dokora, that Islam was Zimbabwe's biggest religion in 1980 and was the country's 'designated' indigenous faith. According to Dokora, Christianity was only the fourth religion when Mugabe took over, behind not only Islam but Judaism and Hinduism as well.

One would have thought that a minister of education would know what he's talking about. But we in the diaspora don't remember many Muslims around when we were driven out of Zimbabwe by Zanu PF's misgovernance. Precious few Jews either, for that matter, though there were certainly Indians. There were, of course, strong African traditional beliefs but it was Christianity that was the prevailing faith - and that was even before the spectacular rise of the Profit Ministries.

It's the time of year when Christians start thinking of 30 pieces of silver. The Vigil suspects Lazarus Dokora wouldn't even rise from the dead for that. But he's getting millions for selling out the country.

The learned minister said he has managed to get a 'loan' of $20 million from the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to build the first 17 of 2,000 Muslim schools planned for Zimbabwe. Money was being raised from other 'international partners' for 66 other Muslim schools, the sites for which had already been chosen.

OPEC's dominant member is Saudi Arabia which from its bottomless oil wells finances Muslim schools in the West and is known for promoting Islamic fundamentalism of the type adopted by the bloody Boko Haram in Nigeria and Al Shabaab in Somalia. Is this what we need in Zimbabwe? China's offer to build a university in Zimbabwe is problematic enough.

According to a survey by AfrAsia Bank, Mugabe has reduced Zimbabweans from comparative prosperity seventeen years ago to being among the poorest people in Africa. Yet he is on course to be re-elected next July even if dead.

The people are cowed and defeated. There was only a small turnout for the rally in Harare on Wednesday of the National Electoral Reform Agenda despite promises of a big crowd (see:).

The opposition seems to be relying on Zanu PF internal fighting and the collapse of the economy for their road to power. But they mustn't build their hopes on this. Zimbabwe is going cheap and there are plenty of buyers around, as Dokora has discovered.

Source - Zimvigil
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