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Salary equals slavery

19 Apr 2017 at 06:40hrs | Views
A MONTH end pay cheque is equal to a slavery contract. Let's not hide from the truth. And today am not nice at all. If you don't like the sound of it please stop reading right now.

If you think I will say things that you want to hear my friend today is not your day . . . do not proceed from this point on. A big welcome to those that have decided to listen to what I have to waffle about and still reading this piece. Thank yourself for the unbelievable guts.

Picture this. Every month your salary is not enough then you know you have to go back to work so that you cover some of your financial obligations. Month in month out, what do you call that? 'Sinful' way of life! It's like it's never enough so that you have to come back to earn again for the following month.

Vicious cycle? Perpetual poverty glamourised by "I am employed" and "I do get a monthly salary" camouflaging the slavery tendencies that it comes with it.

PayslipIf you spend more than what is on that piece of paper then you are on the right column continue reading otherwise stop, get other forms of literature I have so many recommendations. If you are borrowing more than what's on the pay slip, watch out. If you spend money that you don't have that is trouble there because one day that payslip might delay or never come.

SavingsIf you don't have savings that equal three months' salary, my friend that is trouble brewing in the horizon. It is sinful to sit on nothing in terms of reserves as in times of need you will fall short, thus, you lack financial freedom.

Vicious cycle of povertyMonth in month out when you do your personal profit and loss account and nothing gels that is precarious. When do you stop this? When do you break these chains of poverty? When is it time to shake off these shackles that prevent you from attaining financial freedom? Fear of the unknown will make you remain in this cycle till donkeys have horns. As I speak you are worried if "I leave my job how will I survive?" You answer that not me. How did they manage those who have dared to venture outside their comfort zones?

A salary is an easy way out but you would not self actualise basing your financial freedom on the month end salary if at all it comes let alone the famed bonus. That is a fact and a very unbecoming stubborn one in this instance.You want to be certain about your future just be the author of that future. There is nothing stopping you from doing just that but yourself.

Multi incomesThat single pay cheque will drive you insane as nothing will balance no matter how many annual adjustments you get. You need other numerous sources of income to announce you have arrived. One pay cheque equals slavery.

Financial freedomIf you want to leave your job do not be stupid about it. Be very calculative. Do your homework because you might discover that you were better off with your then slavery payslip. You need financial freedom you definitely know you can do it while still getting paid a monthly pay cheque by someone else who isn't yourself. You will need guts and strong determination.

PowerThey that pay you a salary have so much power over you in whatever sense you can try to imagine. Why should another human being give another being so much power?

When do you empower yourself when you give total power to others? Definitely not by getting a salary increment. I know am sounding mean but that is reality.

Financial ignoranceIf you don't understand anything about money, liabilities, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, my friend you will perish. And your next generation will also perish without a shadow of doubt. Know what your payslip tells you. Talk to the figures on your payslip they tell you a tale worth listening to. Those figures are a guideline to your lifestyle. Increase your financial intelligence to move away from payslip dependence syndrome.

EntrepreneurshipIf you now hate your monthly pay slip with a passion I would like to welcome you to the home of entrepreneurship. My friend I now like your way of thinking and you are on the right path. Learn about entrepreneurship to better determine your latitude in financial freedom which is ultimately determined by your attitude. In entrepreneurship your income is directly proportional to your effort and who doesn't love that unless you are lazy bones.

PovertyYou will never get out of poverty working for someone else. Master your destiny. You need financial freedom and your pay cheque won't give you that. Get out, explore your dreams and discover your potential as you aspire to become more than what you are. Don't look at me as if I have discovered fire oxygen just because I have the nerve to say things that you have thought about but didn't have time to really apply your minds to. Let's explore dreams, discover our financial freedom and forget the notion "life is hard". In any case don't be certain we are in the same boat just because we whine together. When you attain your financial freedom please send me a post card if you can't take me to a local holiday destination. Of what use is attaining financial freedom and not letting us know or see for ourselves that you are responsibly and financially free at last.


Morris Mpala is the managing director of MoB Capital Limited, a Bulawayo-headquartered micro-finance institution with footprint across the country.

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