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Mphoko's gukurahundi genocide conspiracy theory invalidated

23 Apr 2017 at 16:23hrs | Views

The recently released Research report by Hazel Cameron a renowned academic, titled The Matabeleland Massacres: Britain's Wilful blindness, has settled one question which has been doing rounds since 1983. That Britain and the West planned and sponsored the Matabeleland genocide and that Mugabe and his acolytes were just tools in a game of chess. The VP Phelekezela Mphoko came out forcefully with his conspiracy theory which sought to absolve Mugabe and his comrades from the genocide crimes.

Obviously Hazel did not set out to answer this question and I am sure that she may not be aware that her report has nailed Mugabe and his friends beyond rescuing.

As for Britain, it has become clear that they aided and abetted the genocide, but it is not clear from the report whether they turned the blind eye because they had initiated the pogrom or it was just merely for their economic interests and the mere racist fact that the White Rhodesians were not touched. What has come out strong in this report is that Mugabe and his comrades planned the genocide. Now one waits to hear what Mphoko would say, how would he defend the genocide. May be those who have been accusing him of having had a hand in the genocide as a CIO may be telling the truth.

Britain is guilty, but guilty of a different offense, that is of aiding and abetting the genocide, that is now very clear. Now there is no hiding place for Mugabe and his friends, they planned and committed the atrocities.

The people of Matebeleland would never be safe and secure in Zimbabwe, the best thing is for them to restore their own state of Mthwakazi, self-determination is a legal right. Britain and the Western world, have a moral duty to support the cause of a sovereign and independent state of Mthwakazi.

Source - Thulani Nkala
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