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Its development in retrogression Mr President

08 May 2017 at 13:01hrs | Views
The President of Zimbabwe made stunning remarks that Zimbabwe is the second most developed country in Africa. Ours is development in retrogression Mr President. We as a people have every reason to be gravely disturbed by the dismaying utterances of the increasingly recalcitrant President of the Republic of Zimbabwe. We cannot intertain such nak*d political heresy.

The utterances by the President cannot be intertained by even those from the lunatic fringel, even by our relatives from Ngomahuru and Ingutsheni. The President went on to deny that Zimbabwe is a fragile state notwithstanding the glaring lack of good governance systems and perennial economic instability that is now manifesting itself in meandering queues along every bank in Zimbabwe.

All the economic indicators do not even remotely suggest that we are developed as a nation. The dilapidated infrastructure and the ever-escalating unemployment rate. We abhor a leadership that is allergic to the truth, we detest a leadership that treats the masses with kid gloves.

Zimbabwe is not just stagnant economically but in fact experiencing negative growth. How can we progress when we have a leader who is economic with the truth like that. A leader who reside in his own world of denialism.

Because of his lavish lifestyle Robert Mugabe has failed to grasp the reality on the ground.The simmering anger on the part of the masses. The spiralling disenchantment and disillisionment of the impoverished masses will speak for itself one day for conventional wisdom espouse that nothing last forever except eternal life.

Everyone and the youths at large are disgruntled by the political and economic catastrophe that has engulfed the nation. They long for a leadership with conscience, a leadership that is regulated and restrained by the two principles of love and common sense.

The wild regrettable outbursts by Mugabe serves to show that he is indeed now incapacitated to be the President of the Republic. In fact he is in urgent need of pyschatric treatment.

It is such an Ostrich mentality of shying away from realities of life that make Zanu-pf design half-baked solutions that provide no panacea to the root causes of the multi-faceted crisis bedevilling our nation.

Notwithstanding the diabolic machinations and shenanigans of the dwarfs in giant robes in Zanupf ,the good thing is that their honeymoon is sunsetting for the will of the people will reveberate once again come 2018. A leadership that is bereft of love and common sense will be catapulted to the anals of history by the tempestous winds of change come 2018.

No longer shall the quest for a better life remain a mirage. No longer shall we remain perpetual hewers and drawers of water in our motherland. No longer shall the youths's quest for self-actualisation remain unending. The journey we have travelled has been an ardous, the ordeal has been truamatic one but nontheless we see a new democratic dispensation flickering beyond the horizon, where we will once again be proud of being Zimbabweans.We will extricate ourselves from man-made predicament via the ballot come 2018.

Wilton Nyasha Machimbira is a Political Scientist

Source - Wilton Nyasha Machimbira
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