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To say Dr. Nkosana Moyo is 'stupid and greedy' is desperation of the highest order!

13 May 2017 at 22:54hrs | Views
We are taking our activism rather too far. We have no limit in insulting other people. At a time when we should consolidate and concentrate all our efforts on one corner and fight the common enemy: Zanu PF, we are tearing each other and even dare to call him, of all personalities: Dr. Nkosana Moyo "stupid and greedy." Do we wonder then if we are called fly by the night activists? Wilbert Mukori, or Nomusa Garikai or Patrick Guramatunhu, you can even go below the belt in a desperate move to call Nkosana Moyo "stupid & greedy, sewage in a glass of milk! That is desperation, if you go that low, he will certainly go high!

Yes I disagreed with his conviction: to go to the election in 2018 without reforms, but to go so low as to say he is just a concoction of sewage in an glass of milk is wholly insulting the man. Why can't we disagree with him decently? Is he a number too big for us as to insult him instead of talking to him. If he is of the opinion that going for election is the right thing, why insult him to that low: your description of "Milk and Sewage" is not very far from VP Mnangagwa calling the Ndebele people cockroaches. This is very nasty dear Wilbert, distasteful and below human dignity.

I have been reading your articles with great conviction, was also of the opinion that going for election without electoral reforms is indeed a waste of time. in retrospect, I confess that I am the one who was critical of Amai Tsvangirai for her attire and artificial whiteness, bleaching her body to be near a white person. I managed to maintain my dignity and hers too just to be critique of what I thought could injure our younger generation about the notion of being white and therefore better and accepted as the norm.

I was really taken aback too when you when to criticized Dr. Mandaza for his live interview with Violet Gonda. I thought, and many people I talked to as well, concurred that his interview was indeed a masterpiece of his career as a political scientist. Somehow you seem to think that you are the standard somehow. What you say is the right thing and nobody else. People of real calibre have been attacked by you: I can name them by names: Vince Musewe, Moses Chamboko and many others are indeed flabbergasted by your penetrating "above others" attitude. We cannot share the same views and perceptions all the time. My views are not the norm at all: I share them but not expect to be attacked but critiqued. We must learn to agree and disagree decently and never fall below the belt in our critiques.

The GNU was a flop yes we know this but to read this five times a week in your articles in the social media has run out of steam. You must be told that your critiques are wholly too much to read all the time: it's just the same story, a tired story. I know many who do not share your disposition anymore as they are tired of the same song. You do not realise this at all anymore. People are tired of your critiques about the failed GNU. We are tired of your unwavering criticizing the failings of MDC-T in the inclusive government. Politics is dynamic, what if Morgan Richard Tsvangirai won the 2018 elections, what if Nkosana Moyo won the election? Is it not wise to give them the benefit of the doubt instead of attacking them? Are you not surprised that those you attacked do not reply you; they ignore you to bits; and me too perhaps. People you have attacked previously do not reply you anymore? Normally we should be worried about their not reacting to our social media critics anymore.

I am supporting Dr. Nkosana Moyo because I am saying I do not want to go so low as to punch him of his conviction in going for elections. These are my views and mine alone: democracy is all about the freedom to choose the one you want. Let's learn to agree on many things and decently: disagree on many political issues without calling other people who oppose us "filthy sewage in a glass of milk" it's just indecent and disrespectful. Have you ever worked in a sewage plant? If you did then to call someone "sewage" is indeed distasteful. I would rather go for the Zanu PF and punch them as much as I can without any hate speeches flying around in desperation. It is wholly a sign of desperation to call someone: Dr. Moyo, a decent man for that matter "stupid and greedy!"

I am glad too that I have never wasted my time in criticizing Morgan Tsvangirai that low: I have defended him on some occasions where he was about to be labelled a killer agent that wanted to eliminate our National Father: Joshua Nkomo. When Professor Jonathan Moyo lost his daughter, I cried with him too, even though I do not know him personally. I am fierce critic of Jonathan Moyo. I am glad too that I did not go that very low in calling him names personally. I try very hard to critique only that I think is not right about his politics and have praised him for his good work in Tsholotsho North and leave his human-ness, his dignity as a person intact. I will try further never to go as low as to be personal; Of course Zanu pushes us to go low with them. But we people in the opposition, if we insult each other to the extent of calling HIM: Dr. Nkosana Moyo a sewage, well I am out of words. This is activism going too far!

At this moment in time we needed to be competent in our communication and never attack others in the opposition personally: we have less than 12 months to go for the much contested elections. You must have taken my wording out of context when I said: "Nkosana Moyo is not stupid!" In retrospect Dr. Moyo has done excellent and professional work, of unparalleled capacity in international spaces.

Did we not say we wanted new names in our political landscape? I too will have to humble myself and accommodate people like Pastor Ewan Mawarire or Advocate Fadzai Mahere: he/she is a new name in as much as Dr. Nkosana Moyo is a new name in our current political landscape. Dear Wilbert time is up, we must consolidate all our efforts to one corner and we support each other as one voice against Zanu PF. Perhaps I am the cattle calling the pot black. I am replying you because I feel I could be part of those who just fly out insults without much consideration. I am concerned about your insults to Dr. Nkosana; I will take note in my activism, never to go personal again in my critiques. This should be my last reply to your critiques!

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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